Affiliate Program

Affiliate Program

Online marketing’s necessity is beyond words, especially for e-sellers. If implemented correctly, the campaign can pave way to a revenue amount and ROI percentage seen never before. The way online marketing is implemented decides the amount of traffic gain to be received from it. Affiliate marketing can serve this purpose very well.

We, at Search Eccentric, have created a trusted web of extensive SEO affiliate partners and programs. Our partners are hand-picked, scrutinized by our marketing professionals, and can & do provide us with potential leads. The traffic through them is diverted towards the client’s website but client shall pay only when his desired action has been taken by the visitor, such as sales or lead generation. This way, client doesn’t pay for having casual visitors to his site. Excellent, isn’t it?

However, managing an affiliate program needs professionals at the back-end and Search Eccentric is happy to claim that we have the industry’s best affiliate program managers on our payroll. We carry manage and successfully handle your affiliate program for a better cumulative return in terms of ROI and revenue.

We are involved in bringing to you affiliate management services that include:

  • We can develop attractive webpages.
  • We ensure your affiliate program is smooth and well-functioning.
  • We can submit your affiliate program to the most relevant and most attended directories
  • We can create and manage links.
  • We can hire more affiliates using different methods of contacting them.
  • And, of course, we provide our clients with weekly and monthly progress report.

We have the best mix of experience and pro-activity in our dynamic team of affiliate marketing professionals who hail from different domains of the industry.

You can choose from various payment methods like Percentage of Sale, Cost Per Lead and Cost Per Click. You can easily track the amount you need to pay with the aid of our own proprietary software which keeps track of every affiliate related activities on your behalf.