AMPs To Join The Organic Search Competition

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Google Index have more than 150 million AMPs (Accelerated Mobile Pages) coined from 650 thousand unique domains. Searchers could only find a fraction of these AMPs. The only way to get to the brim for AMPs in search result was “Top Stories”. AMPs are now expanding to a more organic search results which means AMPs could be seen in the blue links with the other non AMP pages. The pages could be identified as AMPs by bolt icon in familiar lightning. Last year it has launched Mobile Add-on updates for rewarding sites that delivers user friendly experience in mobile gadgets.

So what is this new change all about? What changes will it introduce? How will it affect your strategy?
Let’s have a look.


1. What is AMP

Let’s have quick overview of what AMPs really are. AMPs have drastically improved the experience of mobile web. It enables the pages to load from anywhere and that too 15 to 85 percent faster on mobile devices. More than 150 million sites ave AMP page versions. However till now AMP feature was available only for pages in the Top stories and articles of google search results. Now these AMP pages are rolled out completely on mobile organic SERPs.


2. The Full Roll-out

Google is uncertain about the full organic roll-out time of AMPs. For now Google is altering all the information from developer, testers and users about the features in order to add more perfection for displaying the search results.


3. Impact on Search Ranking

Google always prefer the sites which provides the user with optimized experiences, particularly in the mobile devices. This feature is designed for the mobile users, this will certainly going to help in rank boosting on mobile devices. Though Google has announced that this won’t have any impact on the ranking but you can’t expect this to be the case forever.


4. Advantages of AMP for your site

Advantages of creating AMPs is beyond search rankings. One of the most alluring benefit is user’s experience. The load speed of a website acts as a huge detractor for visitors, a good speed can create a better impression and can encourage team to visit your site more often. A short and convenient way to achieve it is through AMPs.  AMPs can help you receive more traffic on your site. As Google gets more comfortable with the format, it will also help users in many different ways in the long run. Getting this format early will render you with benefits. If you have reliable developers, AMP won’t take much of your time and money as it is based on open source framework.

AMP could prove to be successful, in future it cannot develop itself into new forms. These new forms could be simpler addition or ranking signal for sites. Nothing could be said in a concrete way before the launch. The feedback of users will decide.


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