Don’t worry about Google Panda 24 Update

Google declares new Panda update 24 and 1.2 % English queries have been effected. I have been notified that on January 16th, majority of sites effected drastically. The people were confused and trying to find out the causes that affect on rankings.
google new panda refreshes update

After analyzing more than 60 different sites, I have found some reasons which cause this drastic down fall in the rankings

Below are the on-page issues which are causing harm to the rankings

  • Duplicate content
  • Irrelevant content
  • Spammed Page title
  • Didn’t use the brand name in the page title
  • Using keywords in the different HTML tag including h1 to h6, footer tag, ALT tag etc
  • Using many times keywords in the web content
  • Didn’t use proper contextual linking for respective pages
  • Build useless pages only for keywords promotion

See below steps which we need to follow religiously to recover from Google Panda effects

  • Create the new page if the website is getting penalized and redirect the old pages to the new respective pages
  • Complete the on page check lists and fix the errors including server errors, page not found and broken links etc
  • Do proper contextual linking which directed to be the respective pages
  • Update fresh content on low quality pages
  • Remove useless pages

More over below are the off-page activities that are not directly related to Panda update but it causes harm to the rankings

  • Getting links from targeted anchor text
  • Getting links from irrelevant sites
  • Getting links from the link farm
  • Getting links from low quality sites
  • Getting links from sites and these links don’t have user perspective
  • Getting links from low quality profile sites
  • Using keywords from blog commenting
  • Getting links from article sites which are already published on other article syndication site

Below are the further steps which we should follow that are not related to panda update but plays an important role for better rankings

  1. We should post our articles on top article sites which need to be promoted by different article prism methods
  2. We should find out different back link strategy for different sites as per user experience
  3. We should generate the backlinks which seem to be natural
  4. We should find out the bad links and start sending link removal requests to respective webmasters. Once we completed then send reconsideration request to Google
  5. We need to get back links from the guest posts from our targeted niches
  6. We need to use brands which look natural anchor text
  7. Gather the genuine visitors by SMO networks
  8. Write a good content on a topic which is already published on high authorized site and put your referral URL on it
  9. Maintain balanced link ratio for inner pages

Guys I am trying to figure out some more points which will be published very soon. I hope this will help you a lot!!!

My conclusion is that everything will work on SEO if we do it for user prospective including on page and off page. Now the time has come up you need think as per users not for crawlers.

16 thoughts on “Don’t worry about Google Panda 24 Update

  1. Hey!! You have written good informative blog on the recent changes in the Search engine. I really appreciate your analysis about the changes in the industry and how one should start his working to attain top ranking in the Google search.
    i am waiting anxiously for your next post………

    Thanks a lot… !!!

  2. Hi Faisal, you right I am running many projects. Mostly all projects keyword rank has been effected recently. I don’t take any decision what can I do but at last you give me a right way to move. Thanks for your suggestion.

  3. HI Faisal,
    I was wondering what had happened as some of my projects bombed in the rankings and some have gained places dramatically and I have not been working on some of them the last couple of weeks.

    Thanks for the information.

  4. I just want to appreciate you as you have described the root causes. Frankly speaking, lots of websites has lost the top ranking and they are wondering to know the reasons but after getting your article they can easily findout the reasons and will recover the lost ranking as well. Well you have done a great job, solved a typical problem with some of the easy going steps.

  5. As far as my research goes, the new panda update punished sites with more conversion elements above the fold and little or no informative content.
    So if your website has most of the “above the fold area” comprising of site wide elements or ads or huge banners you are a prey to the update.
    This penalty has been around for a long time but looks like it has taken a serious stance this time.

    Lastly I don’t see how off page factors are to be clubbed with Panda update. Isn’t panda supposed to be about onpage factors? If Panda affects you because of backlinks and stuff what is Penguin supposed to do?

    • @Rooturaj,You are correct, Panda is not directly related to link but if you generate back links for your low quality web content then crawler easily pick up your low quality web content and eventually Google will be penalized your web page.

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