Get Traffic - Get Conversion

Get Traffic – Get Conversion

The two simplest ways to learn the effect of result and success of internet marketing campaign are

  • Measure the traffic that the websites generate
  • The percentage of the traffic that completes the call to action on the website

If you want your online business to be a success then you must pay attention to a couple of key elements. We, at Search Eccentric, we help clients by working constantly on traffic generation & redirection and site conversion. Our professionals can bring desired number of traffic to your site and our marketing professionals convert those traffics into product or service sales.

Nowadays, most companies offer services like ranking improvement and traffic generation. Unlike them, we continue to the next step and find ways to convert those traffics to actual sales lead. This you can consider as our USP.

Ways to Get Traffic

Search Eccentric use three important ways to increase traffic to your website

Search Engine Optimization

This is the most common practice among all. SEO or search engine optimization consists of both on-page and off-page optimization techniques including content optimization, Link Building techniques, Meta Tags, Image Optimization etc. All these help in achieving a high rank for any desired keyword in all major search engines. However, it is our approach towards SEO that makes us unique from our competition. We provide holistic solution while dealing with SEO needs and we know the prudent use of all the measures to maintain balance. When we guarantee you a first page ranking, we actually know what we are talking of and how to get there.

Social Media Optimization

As a trend-setter, we are among the first few companies to realise and adopt SMO into our SEO services. Social Media Optimization consists of many activities on social media platforms, including Social Networking, Blog Optimization, Video Optimization, Forum Discussion, participation in different Social Community website. This relatively new approach can work miraculously well to attract traffic from various major SNS. We have professionals who are working on SMO since its introduction as a SEO tool. Few will disagree if we claim we are the best in this.

Pay Per Click Management

PPC is a way of “pay as you go” approach and helps you in getting desired traffic from major search engines. This method is preferred if you want instant result as traffic start to come within a couple weeks from starting the campaign. We know how to handle PPC campaigns better than most of the companies out there and we can bring the desired results for our clients in almost no time.

Get Conversion

As the owner has a goal in inviting users to his site, the users too, come to the site for specific purposes. The website owner (or the SEO firm handling the site on his behalf) must ensure that the client gets satisfied and finds his desired product. We help in converting these incoming leads to fill-up the forms so you can get in touch with your potential clients more closely.

Any efficient online marketing campaign is just like another flesh and blood marketing professional who can persuade the visitor to reach own professional goals. Survey shows 98% of the incoming traffic goes away without doing anything further. What a wastage! This loss is unbearable for any business looking for sustained profitability and that is where we stand out and say, Search Eccentric will convert your incoming traffic into potential customers and the conversion rate will be multiple times higher than the average.
Let us share our technique in getting the same done

Strategy: We consider the domain, strength, USP and products/services which the client has to formulate the best possible strategy.

Structure: To make a site load and behave faster we work on Navigation, Usability, Look and Feel, Clarity, Load Time etc. for greater optimization.

Communication: We work on content, presentation as well as call to action etc. to ensure we are making our point clear and crisp to our perspective client.

Service: We analyse, optimize, and provide reports and feedback on the basis of visitors coming to your website. Accordingly we recommend improvements.