SEO Process

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SEO Process

We specialize at rendering result oriented Search Engine Optimization services. Search Engine Optimization has become a buzz word in the dictionary of online marketing tools. It is the most widely used and highly preferred tool that is instrumental in deciding the ranking of a website or Web Page on search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and AltaVista etc. As a well experienced player of this domain, we aim to provide our clients with effective optimization services so that they clearly experience the hike in the visibility of their websites over search engines.

In the present e-market sector, all crave for traffic inflow. While everyone has realized that search engines are the most apt routes for getting the relevant traffic inflow, only a few have mastered the art of rightly using the search engines. We however, have mastered the tactic of search engine optimization and can successfully place our clients’ website that top pages of Goggle, Yahoo or other search engines. There is no fix strategy of doing this, as we alter our strategies according to the client’s industry and his nature of business. However, the basis methodology is common and it can be best explained through the process of:

Seo Process


At Search Eccentric, the SEO process starts with examination of the client website. We closely analyze the website and try to figure out its limitation, which can be in its content or in its design layout or in its hyperlinked pages. This examination is done in a detailed way and against the backdrop of client’s business nature. After assessing the client’s own website, we examine his competitor’s website to see what is pushing the competitor ahead of our concerned client.

Goal Realization

Goal realization is one of the integral steps of our overall methodology. Set goals allow us to take up our proceedings in a systematic and ordered way. The goals are set considering the requirements of the clients and also on the basis of the results derived from the evaluation of client’s website.


Here we define our strategies through which we are likely to achieve our goals. For proper search engine optimization, we do proper Keyword Researching to make the content of the clients’ website richer in terms of keywords, which will make the website more visible in the search engines. Next, we do Onsite Correction, through which we get the technicalities right such as that off navigation, redirects, URL structure, titles, and inner linking, etc. This step is preceded by Link Building, through which we target key phrases for the desired pages. Link building is done by connecting the client’s website to mediums like email, social networks, blogs etc; these provide surprising results in gaining the desired attention, which subsequently enriches the website rankings. Likewise, there are many other strategies that we take up for getting the client’s website properly.


SEO is always an ongoing process. It’s hard to say that website optimization has been achieved completely, because if we get client’s website to rank Google page one and doesn’t follow up, some other website can easily surpass it. Hence, we continuously work towards completion of the goals. We slowly enhances our goals can successfully accomplish those one by one. However, after implementation of a particular set of goals, we reassess the work after a gap of a particular time period to see the output. Accordingly, the next set of goals is set upon.

With the advancing technologies and changing algorithms of search engines, SEO is taking up different dimensions, now and often. However we, without fail, keep tracking the advances and upgrade the standard of our services accordingly.