Ad Management Reseller

We Give you the boost to stay ahead in the race

Search Eccentric helps in adding revenue to your business without growing your expenses. We know the way to meet all the requirements of changing customers needs to help your business grow in a considerable way. We perform  Ad management reseller for every kind of business.

Our Approach

Research And Analysis

Our approach begins with keyword research, bidding and finding your client’s competition to deliver top quality service.

Building Ad Campaigns

All the requirements of the clients such as customized copy, landing pages and ad groups are fulfilled within their client’s budget.

Launching Ads

We launch all the ads at various platforms to get the potential customers. We monitor these ads across different platforms.

Optimizing CTR And Conversion

We tweak campaigns on the basis of analytics to offer maximum return on investment.

Targeting Marketing


We recapture the end customers as they visit the various stage of buying cycle. We offer your clients with lower CPC for more conversions

Why Us

Customized Solutions

Support And Maintenance

We know how to use Google, Yahoo,Bing, Display Ads to deliver customized solutions. Our team members hold years of experience in this field.

Dedicated Team

Customized Solutions

Our dedicated team work with methodology based solutions to help the clients win more end customers. They focus on delivering clients with best client experience.


Complete Transparancy

We send monthly reports that includes information regarding CTR, traffic and conversion updates. On the basis on these monthly reports we work more efficiency into ad management campaigns.

Support And Maintenance

Support and Maintenance

Search Eccentric can offer the clients with continuous monitoring to manage your ad across various social platforms. We offer the opportunity to stick on what you can do better and help you grow your business.

Expand Your Growth With Us!