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Search Engines & Internet Marketing make up our playground where we love scoring winning runs.


Search Eccentric is an award winning digital marketing agency and we strive towards becoming the best in the world. Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Pay-Per-Click Management (PPC), Online Reputation Management (ORM), Social Media Optimization (SMO), link removal, Google penalty recovery, local SEO and A/B testing sum up our service portfolio.

At Search Eccentric, we have the experience of handling 500+ SEO projects of clients from different domain. SEO is one dynamic field with no final point of complete achievement. Results once achieved have to be maintained otherwise very quickly ranks can drop. No company can brag about getting the complete SEO done. An SEO service provider needs to make consistent performance to keep the ranking of its clients’ websites constant or improving. Moreover, SEO process takes time to show up results. It’s never like that you hire a SEO service provider and very next day your site is in the first page of Google search results. Depending on the market competition against your site, it may take 1 week, month or months.

In light of these facts although SEO seems to be difficult but for an experienced and focused firm like ours, delivery of results has not been a problem any day. We are not making any fake assurances that we have the capability of right execution, performance and deliverance just like a magic charm. No, never, SEO can never be a Magic. At Search Eccentric, if we are delivering satisfactory SEO services since last 5 years that’s exclusively because we are a pool of hardworking performers, who rides on innovation for self knowledge improvement and better execution.

Why Search Eccentric is better?

If you are looking for a SEO service firm in India, probably this is not the only site you are browsing. We are quite aware that we have many competitors in the market. So, it is important for us to illuminate the vigor of our services.

To cater the varying requirements of different business enterprises, we deliver SEO services that can be best tailored as per the specific needs of the clients. To be a one stop solution provider, we keep updating our service profile. Today, we have become a full fledged internet marketing service providing firm, where you get solutions like search engine optimization (SEO), pay per click (PPC), Google remarketing, analytics, social Media Optimization (SMO), video optimization, Google update optimization and more.

All our services are innovative framed upon to suit the current internet marketing needs of the companies. Our service profile doesn’t belong to any particular protocol where you will get stereotype solutions that ten other companies are also offering. We believe at exploring new horizons, facing new challenges and delivering innovative solutions. Our team and other technical and non technical resources make us competent of handling any kind of online marketing, reputation management and SEO projects for companies at a local or global level.

Our caliber, dedication and efficiency are trial and tested ones but our methods are not. For each specific client and his project, we tailor a new SEO plan that sure to hit the desired results.


Dynamism in SEO Services offered by Search Eccentric

The recent Google Penguin 2.0 update and likewise other frequent Google updates have considerably changed the scenario. It’s the responsibility of an SEO company to keep pace with the changing scenario by closely monitoring the changing algorithm of Google updates such as Penguin , Panda & EMD etc.


Google Penguin & Panda Services

The complete scenario of SEO is dependent over Google updates such as Panda and Penguin. As new updates are released quite often so, it has become very imperative for the SEO service providers and also the website owners to understand the basic intricacies of Google and Penguin.
What makes a Website prone to Penguin attack?

Google Penguin is a check tool of Google to make the internet free of web spam and search spam, so that only authentic and relevant information gets shared over internet. This check tool is developed to penalize those websites that are holding high rankings in the search engines using black hat SEO methods.
What makes a Website prone to Panda attack?

Panda is another check tool from Google that basically targets the websites with low quality or duplicate content. There are many more aspects that can qualify a website for panda attack.

As a well established SEO company, our job is to render strategic recovery services to panda and penguin stricken websites and also to stabilize their position and ranking. We keep a close watch on the changing standards of Google algorithms and accordingly draw our plans.


Quality SEO Services

Our SEO Services ensure a strong web presence of our clients’ website. We as an SEO service company, consistently try to develop SEO strategies that can bring visible up-gradation in the rankings of the sites. Further, we take up extensive on roll and off roll SEO Services. A gist of our work process is given below:

Our On-Page & Off-Page Optimization Metrics

  • Quality backlinks through natural content marketing
  • Monitoring links from rival sites
  • Working on Web 2.0 sites like blogger, Word press, Tumbler, etc.
  • Video optimizations and slide sharing
  • Social Media branding through Google plus, Twitter, Facebook, etc.
  • Optimizing clients’ web content and information architecture
  • Analyzing site’s page linking and navigation architecture
  • Handling Meta tagging and on-page content
  • Page layout analysis and moderation
  • Analyzing placing on search engines via link popularity
  • In-depth insight and analysis of a rival competitors’ off-page strategy

Video Optimization Services

Video Optimization Services

Search Eccentric has grabbed a name of recognition as a Video SEO service provider. Although, we have started delivering this service recently, but have succeeded creating the desired ripple through our video optimization services. We use renowned platforms like Youtube, video sharing sites, social media platform, etc. We always do our research before, during and after serving a client. This has led us to a few findings which may surprise you.

  • In the e-biz section, among the top 50 online retailers video usage increased 4 times, from 18% to 68%.
  • 40% of Google queries return a video on the first page.
  • 25% customers check the related videos before purchasing a product

Hence, in the process of optimizing a site, video optimization can be very effective and a viral tool. To know more in details visit our video optimization service profile.

Let your brand make an everlasting impression

Branding is a term that can be used in many contexts however for us branding would mean to place your position in such a way so that your targeted audience can effortlessly recognize you. Through SEO, we can help create for you a unique identity that would lay an impact on visitors.

Get to know your competition

Get to know your competition

So how is your competition doing and are you in a position to compete against them? Unless you are dominant in your area or domain you really need to know what your competition is doing. By looking and analyzing what your rivals are doing you need to judge if you want to be like them or make for yourself a unique identity. Our experts can give you a clear insight on what your competition is doing and offer you recommendations.

Optimizing your content

Optimizing your content

The content on your website talks a great deal about you and if optimized properly can also help your site gain good rankings on search engines. There is no alternative for well written content and this is why we provide structure to your content so that it is meaningful for the reader. We look at means of engaging your targeted audience.

Link earning technique

Link earning technique

Search Eccentric offers best in class link earning techniques that would make your website popular among genuine audience. This further helps in strengthening the presence of your business portal and drives potential web traffic. But it’s not just that we bring links to you, we also do analyzing of the links to ensure its quality against various attribute.

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