Why Search Eccentric

We Understand, Master and Influence the Web

Why Search Eccentric

With so many online marketing companies running out there why choose us? What makes us so special and unique from any other search engine marketing company or agency? The answer is simple! Action speaks louder than words!! Our experts do not just believe in babbling away and making false assumptions. On the contrary, we believe in holding the bull from the horns and start enacting on what we commit.

At Search Eccentric, we make best use of the internet, analyze and strategize and plan carefully. This enables us to help you lay a strong foundation for your online business so that you can get the best returns on investment. We help you realize that the internet offers you one of the most cost effective mediums to help market your products and services and we can help leverage this to your advantage.

Choose Search Eccentric for all your web marketing related services because

  • We can transform your website into a potential revenue generator
    What’s so unique about our services is that we help generate innovative and compelling marketing campaigns that can boost your website’s potential. We are abreast of the latest technology tools and online marketing strategies that can fetch real business oriented results. Our proven techniques aim to help you tap new markets, retain old customers and help market your products and services like never before.
  • We provide real time support
    Why wait when we can offer real time support and advice? Today, we operate in two shifts (US and India) which means we cater to your exact requirements with no time lag. Communication and time is no longer a barrier for us or for that matter our clients.
  • We offer quality services at competitive rates
    Why pay more when you can get more and that too at less than may be half the rates that you would normally pay in the local US market or in any other geography. Not only that, but our services are quality driven which means you can be sure of better returns at competitive rates.Our core strength is our young and dynamic team that is abreast with the latest technical know-how. However we keep our overheads lower than any other country as India is a competitive market.
  • We are there for you when you need us most
    We value our customers and understand how imperative it is to ensure that we are with you all the way. This is why our Business Heads and Project Managers are hands on with your project details and work as one single team to know you and your business model better. We are always in touch with our clients through various online communication and video conferencing tools.
  • We offer transparency and commitment to work
    What we value more than anything else is 100% transparency, complete flexibility and 100% commitment to work. This would further mean no drivel, no out of budget designed marketing campaigns and no commitment to any work that we cannot deliver on time.

A Work Culture of Unity, Dignity and Responsibility

At Search eccentric, we believe in developing a family of vigorous employees, who would genuinely feel involved with the mission and vision of the company. Just as in a family, the home environment speaks of the relationship richness among the members, so does the work culture of an organization epitomizes its value and worth. Hence, we aim at shaping up our work culture in such a way that each employee must feel this place as something more than a mere source of income. We nurture a work culture of unity, dignity and responsibility.

  • Unity: Employees must feel united to each other
  • Dignity: Employees must feel dignified of their work and the position
  • Responsibility: Employees must realize that they hold a crucial share of responsibility in the company’s overall growth

We want them to share a strong bounding with other employees, so that all can gel up with each other and keep vibrating the office with a professional, responsible yet jolly working atmosphere. At search eccentric, meeting deadlines is strict but working to its achievement is not forced; as we don’t believe in forcing rather we believe in motivating. We trust the capabilities of our employees and their proficiency of deadline meeting within the stipulated time that comes with their self motivation and own will.

Our global work culture allows each and every employee to grow professionally and personally. We don’t let work pressure to overpower the zeal of being active and fresh. Hence, group enjoyment is supported at our organization. Birthday parties are organized in a grand way; fortnightly game activities are conducted for refreshment of all the employees. Often, outdoor seminars are arranged, best integrating knowledge with fun. Likewise, a lot is done to keep the employees happy and also to lighten their work load.