Online Reputation Management

We Give you the boost to stay ahead in the race

Search Eccentric helps the clients in managing their online reputation by pushing down all the negative search results, removing harmful or bad reviews and many other services. The importance of online reputation management has grown in this competitive market and has evolved as an SEO branch in itself.  


Repairing Damaged Online Reputation

Irrespective of the size of your business, the danger of online reputation crisis is always lurking. With open communication channels, any bad comment can damage your company’s reputation. This can happen because of reasons like miscommunication with clients, low service standards, any issue that is viral on social media and many other such circumstances. We help you in countering negative reviews.

Removing Content

Defamatory and negative content can impact your business. We help you in removing information from YouTube video, reviews or information on internet and many other things across various platforms. Our team is expert in identifying these areas and removing them before they cause any kind of damage.

Protecting Search

We protect your search against the negative publicity and online threats. Search Eccentric offers reputation monitor with unique content for SEO to solve the problem before they have any firm hold.

Manage Review

Search Eccentric helps you by monitoring online reviews, removing negative reviews and improving positive ones by closely monitoring your sites across various platforms.

Perks And Benefits

  • Put Your Best Face Forward: Online reputation management allows you to spread your best news around effectively.
  • Remove Negative News from SERP: Nobody can erase a Google cache but clever use of ORM makes those news go down the ranking till they are not on the first couple of pages of the SERP. As very few people go to the later pages of any SERP, chances are that those news will not be found.
  • Low Costing of ORM campaigns: The campaigns provided by ORM Services India or ORM Company India are at very low rates. Compared to other campaigns, especially the PPC campaigns where CPC may go very high for competitive keywords or the SMO campaign where you need to spend a good amount, ORM comes to you at a very low rate.
  • Best ROI:  We help you in making an ORM and ROI friendly campaigning. You can influence a huge amount of customers by making a fraction of investment.
  • ORM propels the Viral Effect: As a leading online reputation management services India we know exactly which news to promote with ORM campaigns. The company knows about when, where and which news are better kept untouched.

Why Us

Continuous Monitoring


At Search Eccentric, we continuously monitor all your web content and curb all the negative criticism by proactive responses and press releases. We also maintain a close check on the online image of our clients at various social networks.

Enriching Brand


We help in enriching the brand name by promoting positive content on our client’s behalf.

Improving And Managing

We manage and improve our client’s reputation across different social sites through white papers, tagging, SEO, blog marketing, customer testimonials and much more.

Fast And Effective Result

We deliver our clients with fast and effective results to reverse any kind of negative reputation across various social platforms.

Let Your Business Shine!