App Store Optimization

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Search Eccentric helps you in improving app distribution by increasing ranking of your app at various App Stores. We help you in increasing quality users and optimizing App stores through real mobile data. The Search Engine Ranking within App store is affected by how you describe your app and select the keywords. We help you in optimizing your app successful and effectively.

App Store Optimization (ASO) Services

App Logo

Your app logo helps in creating the first and last longing impression when users glance through the apps when searching. We make your app icon express what your app does in a creative and effective way.

App Description

We know how to describe your App in a precise and clear way. We help you in using this area for selling app by describing features in interesting ways and setting correct user expectations. Short selling and overselling both will impact your business growth in a negative way.

App Keywords

You need to have the best market understanding to stay on top of the keyword selection. We help you in selecting the best keyword, popular search phrases and provide information about competitors to leverage your app optimization.

App Title

This is one of the most important piece of ASO. Titles which are spammy can turn off your users. We help you to utilise the space effectively by clearly describing about the app and engaging the users.

App Category

Picking up the category for your app is very critical to the success of your company. Choosing the right category will fetch you qualified leads. We help you in placing your app at the right place to attract the potential users. Missing any of these factor can cost your app. We have proprietary data, experience and approach to optimize your apps in an effective and successful manner.

Why Choose Us for App Store Optimization

Tools And Techniques


We possess the craft of optimizing your keywords, titles, short descriptions, updates and much more.



We can optimize your keyword research in different languages.

A/B Testing

We constantly improve your conversion rate by improving it through different diligent A/B testing. The team of experts is present to help you get better and faster insight.

Review And Analysis

We provide our clients with monthly reports on the progress and status of the app. We believe in  maintaining complete transparency among our clients regarding the increase or decrease of reviews and rankings.

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