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The digital marketing is crowded with millions of smartphone applications, and this makes it quite difficult for business owners to discover the app for their particular brand. It’s imperative that an app is identified easily and this is only possible with the help of an innovative App Store Optimization or ASO services. Effective App Store Optimization services from Search Eccentric are carefully designed to improve the performance and rankings of your business app.

About Us

At Search Eccentric, we are one of the best app marketing agency in India offering effective app store optimization services at a very competitive price. Being a  reputable ASO company we have successfully served thousands of clients in India and across the globe with their business apps to secure a top position in the search results the app store. We provide an ongoing support to our valuable clients right from the initiation to the end of the project. Our high-end app store optimization solutions will help you get your business mobile app to discover by your customers much faster than ever.

Benefits Of App Store Optimization (ASO) Services

A bundle of excellent benefits is associated with App Store Optimization services. A few of them are mentioned here:

  • Higher rankings in the app store
  • Your brand gets more visibility
  • More business profit
  • Target relevant customer
  • Increase organic app downloads

App Store Optimization (ASO) Services We Provide

App Logo

Your app logo helps in creating the first impression of your brand. That’s why we help to create an icon or logo that’s effective, well-designed and expressive.

App Description

After the app logo is done, our experts at Search Eccentric work your app’s description. We are experts and know how to describe your app in a short and precise way. So, we outline a description that is easy to understand and most importantly make sense.


App Keywords

Keywords are important everywhere! An insight market understanding can help you stray on the top of keyword selection. This is where we can help you! We pick the best keywords, popular search phrases and provide important information about your competitors to leverage your app optimization.

App Title

It’s one of the most important parts of ASO. A title tells the users what your mobile app actually does. We can help you create a catchy, short and descriptive title that can explain the purpose of your app.

App Category

Picking up the right category for your mobile app is very critical to the success of your overall business success. Choosing the right category will fetch you qualified leads. Here at Search Eccentric, we help you in placing your app in the right category in order to attract potential users.

Why Choose Us for App Store Optimization

We are a leading Digital Marketing Company in India, providing App Store Optimization and app store optimization services to all types of businesses worldwide.  We have different kinds of ASO marketing packages and we are quite flexible with our prices. Our ASO professionals are extremely talented and understand the insights of app search optimization and work accordingly to the requirements of our valued clients. We also provide our clients with monthly reports on the status and progress of their mobile app.

Tools And Techniques


We possess the craft of optimizing your keywords, titles, short descriptions, updates and much more.



We can optimize your keyword research in different languages.

A/B Testing

A/b Testing

We constantly improve your conversion rate by improving it through different diligent A/B testing. The team of experts is present to help you get better and faster insight.

Review And Analysis

We provide our clients with monthly reports on the progress and status of the app. We believe in  maintaining complete transparency among our clients regarding the increase or decrease of reviews and rankings.

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