Bing Pay per Click

Bing Pay per Click

Since Microsoft’s Bing search engine has been launched, it has earned a fair amount of popularity and attention. As it is a Microsoft company, it is getting even bigger everyday. It has 172 million searches a month and 42 million unique visitors a month. Bing search engine is totally different from others. With Bing, it is very easy for you to search what you need as it categorizes your search into various categories making it very convenient for you.

If you plan to have a paid online advertising campaign for your business, doing a pay per click campaign with Bing will be a very good idea because firstly, there are not yet many advertisers unlike Google, very high number of visitors get generated every month, and its ability to categorize your search helps in getting targeted traffic. You need to follow certain simple steps to start advertising with Bing.

  • Create your account with Bing.
  • Within the AdCenter define your target audience. This is where you will decide who you want to see your ad
  • Create your Ad in such a way that best describes your products and services
  • Select your keywords – Ensure that you target the keywords which you think your customers will use to look for your products and services
  • Set your budget – Make sure you decide upon an affordable budget as you would want to give a trial to your campaign first

Benefits that you get from Bing pay per click

  • Bing PPC is simple and affordable
  • You can easily import your Google and Yahoo! campaigns to Bing using the Microsoft AdCenter platform
  • It is an efficient way to promote your business
  • You have full control over your budget as you only pay when someone clicks on your ad
  • With AdCenter, you can easily manage your search campaign
  • With Bing, you can target traffic geographically and demographically
  • Bing has a more user-friendly design than others
  • Bing PPC ads cost less than other PPC ads