Yahoo Pay per Click

Yahoo Pay per Click

As it is getting difficult day by day for websites to get good rankings in major search engines, pay per click has become an effective marketing option for those who need traffic. PPC advertising is simple, there is greater control over your advertising campaign, and you can get better feedback on your performance. With the growing importance of online marketing, pay per click has become a popular way of advertising.

By using Yahoo’s pay per click program, your website will get good ranking with Yahoo and many more search sites.

Benefits of Yahoo’s PPC Program

  • Daily expense limit can be set
  • Pay only when your site receives traffic
  • Targeted traffic as you can pick selected keywords
  • Extensive reporting tools
  • Great research tool that tells which keywords users are looking for
  • Free conversion tracker to see how your traffic converts into sales

Yahoo’s pay per click program (earlier Overture) called Yahoo! Search Marketing offers complete marketing solutions for companies doing business online. Just like Google AdWords, here also you have to open an account and then begin choosing keywords to bid on. The account interface option offers billing, transactions, listing management and report production.

Overture’s listings can be seen in Yahoo, MSN, CNN, and AltaVista, so you have chance of reaching up to 80% of the internet users. Your ad will have very good visibility to loads of targeted prospects. You can get free brand awareness with Yahoo’s pay per click program.

With Yahoo’s pay per click program, you have the option to place exact bids and you will know immediately what your rank will be. If you have one of the top three bid positions, you can be seen in Yahoo’s top three results. Also, there is an auto bidding option through which your bids can be managed automatically. It also offers a keyword search volume reporting tool that lets you find keywords that are being looked for and are actually used.

Yahoo’s pay per click program offers good value for money for advertisers with top rankings not only in Yahoo but other search engines too.