Content Audit Services

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Search Eccentric helps in transforming client’s content auditory and also keeps a close analysis on every aspect of quality for evaluating the complete audit process. Our team of content audit includes content strategists, website designers, marketers and SEO managers to helps you in digging deeper to see the way your content is structured and maintained.

Benefits of Content Audit

  • Content audits are important to evaluate and understand your content performance against your business requirements, goals, performance and editorial standards.
  • Through analyzing your content patterns, consistency and structure, content audit helps in bringing value to your online projects and task maintenance. This will help in bridging the gap between the content you want and the content you are having presently.
  • Tailored content audits reveals all the opportunities to improve content. Content audit will help in preparing content for removal, revision and migration.
  • Content audit will help in measuring consistency of your content in metadata guidelines, template and style form.
  • You will experience improved conversations while communicating with your potential clientele.
  • Making your brand voice heard by many and hence increasing your ranking in search engine results.
  • Taking the right next step for forging relationship with prospective clients. You need to offer your clients with more accessible content that your audience will enjoy and consume at a faster rate.
  • Content audit will help you in figuring out the scope for further improvements.

Content Audit Steps

Our professional content audit can be summed up in three part.

Content Audit

Our team audit your content keeping SEO and quality perspective in mind.

We form strategy based on the above observations to tackle the problems.


Every single finding combined with suggestions are reported to the clients.

Why Choose Us For Content Audit Services

Deep Analysis


There are so many factors that one need to keep in mind while analyzing web pages. We perform in depth analysis and cover all the areas under it.

Regular Reports


We have tailored reports that contain all the information regarding the problematic areas along with tips and recommendations to improve them.

SEO Audit

Site Audit

The content has to pass through our SEO test. We keep a check on your keywords and analyze broken links from SEO perspective.

Friendly Support


We believe in forging relationship that lasts long and this is the reason that we offer objective opinion regarding your content strategy. With our team of content developers, we add content that have fresh perspective on your website.

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