Social Media Ads

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Search Eccentric is a result oriented company. We are aware of the fastest way to generate results on Social Media. Our service will reap you multiple benefits such as lead generation, influenced sales and rise in website traffic. We use advanced tools to generate conversion, higher clicks at extremely low cost.

Our Approach

Creating and EngagingCreating And Engaging

Our social media advertisements are designed to capture your attention. Our advertising specialist knows how to utilise every aspect of social media ads, starting from advertising copy to adding effective colors. We ensure that our customized strategy will drive awareness and sales for your business.

Relevant Audience Relevant Audience

We can help you connect your product with potential clientele through advanced functioning and leveraging technology. We even perform website and email targeting that will promote your product directly to the audience who visits your website.


Search Eccentric never rely on chances or guess work to take decision regarding social media ads. Performance data collected from the campaigns are taken into account before forming any decision. We constantly measure data, social trends and latest tools for account management.

 A/b Testing A/B Testing

We use A/B test on new copy or modify images based on the audience response. We stick to the testing advertising method which helps our clients to form the wise decision at an affordable price.

We Offer

Project Based Work


We offer different types of projects for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Yelp starting from creation to optimization. We offer our clients with Viral marketing, Social commerce, Blogging and CRM custom solutions.

Social Display


In our social display service, we provide our clients with online influencers and blogger outreach services. We help brands in connecting with influential blogger of their industry to effectively spread the services and products.

Paid Social Media

Social Advertising

Search Eccentric knows well, when and how to pay for social media. We leverage our clients with our expert team for various social platforms like Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and LinkedIn account to ensure that the strategies and marketing campaigns are cutting edge.

Social Media Management


We create engaging Social media content by regularly posting it across various social channels. We manage your account by responding to all the post and deleting all the inappropriate posts. We even conduct monthly meeting and reporting.

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