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Best PPC Reseller Services in India


PPC reseller services in India- Are you on the lookout for a reputable Digital Marketing Company that can offer your business the best PPC reseller services? If yes, then Search Eccentric is one of the renowned PPC reseller service provider.

Expanding your business and generating profit from it is not an easy task, but when you have proper resources to back you up, things get organized to an extent. Pay-Per-Click or PPC marketing is a full-time job that demands quick results. This is where we can help you! We at Search Eccentric, are a leading PPC reseller service provider in India and have proven our success on accounts of different types and sizes of businesses in the industry.

If you do not have the time or find it quite hard to deliver customized PPC services to your clients, why not let is take care of the job for you? All you need is to partner with is for PPC reseller services, leave the rest to us!Our team of dedicated PPC experts at Search Eccentric work directly and closely with our clients to ensure their esteemed clients receive the exact service they are looking for.


Our PPC reseller program is one of the best business solutions that generate revenue. And the good news is, we are happy to operate parallel to your business or work secretly as a part your in-house PPC team. In simple terms, we will take care of all your dreary work while you simply appreciate the benefits.

Our PPC Reseller Approach

Thorough & Complete Evaluation

Here at Search Eccentric, we begin the project by mapping out careful plans on the basis of our thorough analysis of the client’s business objectives and also the online programs and campaigns of the competitors in the market. We take care of everything including the appropriate keywords and phrases to include while forming your PPC campaign and program.

Development Developing Process

Our dedicated PPC experts help set custom campaigns in order to meet all your business requirements and demands of your clients with the appropriate keywords, and advertisement in order to reach their target customers.

Create and Execute Proper Execution

In this phase, the advertisements start to rank SERPs within a short period of time after the launch. Our PPC reseller campaign runs on the popular social media platforms and leading search engines.

Keywords Research Tracking

The tracking process done by us helps to get the complete ins and outs of the whole process, once they have landed on the website.


Targeting Marketing Retargeting

Many visitors leaves the website without completing conversion. We help in retargeting those visitors who have left your website or browse it often. We help in lead generation through text ads, responsive display ads and remarketing graphic.

Why Choose Us For PPC Reseller Services

Expertly Managed PPC Campaigns

Support And Maintenance

At Search Eccentric, each of the PPC campaigns is handled by seasoned and professional AdWords experts. This can help you ensure that your clients are in safe hands.

All In One Dashboard

Customized Solutions

Each of the PPC campaign or an ad launched by our PPC experts are labeled in one dashboard. In order to keep you as well as our clients informed, we also provide performance reports on a monthly or bi-monthly basis. And the best part is, our company’s Dashboard will look exactly like your own.

Complete Transparency

Complete Transparancy

Apart from providing monthly performance reports, we also trace conversion and traffic analysis in order to help your clients get a  better insight into their PPC campaigns.


Google Verified

All our Adwords specialists are Google certified and can helps your clients in growing their business in a considerable way.

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