PPC Reseller Services

We Give you the boost to stay ahead in the race

Search Eccentric have years of experience in managing multiple pay per click programs for various businesses irrespective of their type and size. Our team of experts are always behind you to support you and help you overcome all the hurdles.

Our PPC Reseller Approach

Complete Evalution

We begin by mapping out plans on the basis of our analysis of client’s business objectives and competitors online campaigns and programs. All the appropriate keywords are noticed by our experts to put it into use while forming your PPC campaigns.


We set custom campaigns that meets all the business requirements with right keywords, groups and ads to reach your target audience.


The ads starting ranking in the search results within a short period of launch. Our PPC campaigns runs on social media sites and search engines.


The tracking capabilities will help you in getting complete insight into the actions of visitors, once they have landed on the website.


Many visitors leaves the website without completing conversion. We help in retargeting those visitors who have left your website or browse it often. We help in lead generation through text ads, responsive display ads and remarketing graphic.

Why Choose Us for PPC Reseller

Expert Management

Support And Maintenance

Our PPC specialist manages the entire campaigns of clients to generate maximum ROI and quality leads. We have tailored PPC campaigns powered with right keywords.

All In One Dashboard

Customized Solutions

All the campaigns, ads and PPC capabilities launched by us are labelled in one dashboard. We even provide you with monthly performance reports.

Complete Transparency

Search Eccentric provides monthly reports of trace conversion and traffic analysis so as to help your clients get better insight into their PPC campaigns.


All our Adwords specialists are Google certified and can helps your clients in growing their business in a considerable way.

Speed Up Your Business Growth With Us!