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Search Eccentric helps in amplifying your brand awareness, attract potential customers, increase website traffic, building customer engagement and taking digital marketing efforts into another level. At Search Eccentric, we focus on developing strategies which helps in driving desired revenue, tactics for brand awareness, satisfaction and fostering deeper relationships. Our team of experts will help you in driving visitors to your site and taking the complete advantages of social web.

Our Approach

Social Media Targeting

Social Media Targeting

We help you in resonating messages that can improve social media targeting. At Search Eccentric, our focus is to reach your desired audience through various platforms, where they are likely to be present.

Social Media Content

Social Media Content

We offer a tailor made strategy for various social platforms that will fulfill all your business requirements. Right kind of content is optimized for targeting your audience across different platforms. Our professionals will guide you with right kind of blend of promotional content and content that is relevant to your audience.

Social Media Growth

Social Media Growth

We have acquired years of experience in social media marketing, valuable relationship and engaged communities. Search Eccentric uses its experience to help the clients in targeting audience to engage with your brand in a better way.

We know the art of crafting core communities of fans for your brand. Through our detailed research we help you with identifying key influencers of your industry and engaging with them to get the exposure for your brand and increasing audience simultaneously.

Social Media Measurment

Social Media Measurment

We have KPIs that helps us in hitching social media success as per your business objectives. We monitor the value social media efforts are adding into your business growth. Our team of professionals helps us in filling the gap wherever your strategy is lacking or going wrong.

Why Us

Customized Services


We know how to navigate the complex landscape of social media. We offer customized services to ensure brand integrity, compliance across various platforms, best practices for future communication and development. Search Eccentric analyses your business objectives and form tailored made services meeting all your business requirements.  

Team Of Professionals

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There are numerous amount of SEO tools and social media tools with the explosion of open source softwares. Our team of professionals will help you in narrowing your choices in order to track performance within available resources and affordable budget.

Creation And Management

We help you in not only creating accounts on the social platforms where your target are most likely to visit but also in managing your profile to leverage two way conversation.

Competitive Analysis


We help you in employing tactics, action alerts and potential service based on competitive and market trend to help your business grow in a considerable way.

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