Video Marketing Services

YouTube Video SEO

YouTube is recognized as a popular video sharing site which attracts significant amount of traffic thus making it the right place for getting your videos published. For better compatibility the YouTube is optimized in 18 different languages and has a huge presence in the Asian marketplace. At Search Eccentric, we make you follow these simple tips to market your products and services successfully on YouTube.

  • We make best use of the share option on videos. You can share by email address or with your friends who are attached with your account
  • We make optimum use of bulletin boards on which you can post messages so that the video can be displayed to all your friends
  • We help you with establishing invitations to others to subscribe – You can utilize this feature once you request a friend invite
  • Add friends – Through this option you can add friends which is a powerful way to gain popularity on YouTube
  • We ensure your video is appealing to your community
  • We help you share videos through emails – You can send out your video to friends, family and others with a link to the video and encourage them to share it
  • We help you use popular social media sites like Digg, Facebook and Myspace to drive traffic to videos.

There are also a few important areas that can be optimized when you upload a video on YouTube. They are:

  • Title
  • Description
  • Tags (keywords)
  • YouTube username

The words used in describing the video, the video name, the tags assigned to it, all these make a big difference when it comes to its ranking in major search engines.

We help you decide upon a good title and description for your video and try to include words that you are aiming to rank for. We would ensure that your tags are relevant to the content and can be well utilized for spreading them to as many clips possible. We would use adjectives to make your videos even more visible to users. Your username is also an important piece that can drive traffic to your site

By following these simple tips we would ensure that you gain significant success with your video marketing campaigns.