Grooming Talents In Pursuit Of Excellence

Training for Grooming employees

A Talented Employee Is What We Take, And A Groomed Up Employee Is What We Nurture

We, at Search Eccentric, believe that a good management from the boss single handedly can’t make an organization grow big, until and unless it has the support of a dedicated team. Hence, we have always considered our team of employees to be our asset. We value this asset not just by giving it a monthly remuneration, but also by providing it a healthy, friendly and motivating environment, which promises professional and personal growth. Taking the cue, we take up various training ways to groom up our employees. We believe that the regular job of an employee, only allows him to develop technical knowledge on his own particular area. But, we focus on the overall grooming of the employee in terms of behavior, exposure, and attitude. To achieve these aspects, we take various measures, a few of which are as follows:

  • Organizing large scale seminars for all the employees Once in a year or sometimes twice in year, big seminars are organized on various themes, where renowned experts are called upon to boast the confidence and industrial knowledge of the employees. Last year, we held a seminar on “Sustaining Exponential Growth., where Mr Arvind Marwaha was the invited guest, who helped the employees in realizing the mission and vision in personal and professional life.
  • Monthly Training And Grooming Sessions By The Team Leaders Our team leaders organize training meetings with their respective team members to understand the challenges they are facing, their relation with the other team members, their take on the work, etc. These meetings allow each team members to speak from his heart, and team leaders also encourage them to come up with their original ideas, plans and suggestions.
  • In-House Employee Group Discussions Often group discussion sessions are organized among the employees, to chill out them in a healthy way, where they can learn a lot from their fellow colleagues, and also build confidence.
  • Discussing Key Responsibility Areas ( KRAs) After every four months, individually, each employee is attended by the HR executives to discuss their Key Responsibility Areas ( KRAs). This meeting gives an employee a better understanding of his job and also enables him to speak about the challenges he is facing, if any.

Work pressure, heated arguments, some light moments and few low moments are, no doubt, part of every professional organization, and same goes with us as well. But, at Search Eccentric, we make sure that all that happens should be positively constructive and in some way or other it must add-on to the personal and professional growth of the employ and the organization as a whole.