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Search Eccentric is a leading PPC management agency that focuses on delivering business owners with the advanced software resources and tools they are looking for in order to create and maintain effective PPC campaigns. As one of the leading PPC company in India, we believe in offering sophisticated service options necessary to optimize your PPC account.

We Can Take Your PPC Campaigns To Next Level

As the top-notch PPC company, our aim is to help businesses optimize their search engine effectiveness in order to get more clients and customers at the best prices.  To avail PPC services from the leading Pay-Per-Click company in India, it’s imperative you should know the premium services we offer to improve the business of our clients.

Our Proactive PPC Services Includes

Innovative Strategy and Implementation

Innovative Strategy And Implementation

Our highly skilled and qualified PPC experts at Search Eccentric will engage with you to get a clear idea of your business and the latest trends in the industry. Our PPC management team follow a proven methodology to form an innovative strategy in order to meet all your business requirements. The next step follows establishing your new PPC account at new networks.


Keywords Research

Keywords Targeting

In PPC management, everything starts with a keyword. So, where do you find the right Pay-Per-Click keywords? We can help! PPC experts at Search Eccentric can help research and develop a list of keywords that represent your brand and target your potential customers.

Copy Writing

AD Copy Writing

Our PPC management team creates ads incorporating the targeted keywords and landing page. In case, you are already running ads, our dedicated PPC experts can refine and polish each ad, and make sure they are placed with an effective call to action or offer.

Increase Audience

AD Extensions

Want to stand out among your competitors in the market? Luckily there is a way! Ad Extensions can help increase the effectiveness and value of your PPC ads. We know the trick to use Ad extension in an effective way that can set you apart from the crowd. If you want your ads to float on the top of search engine page, then you should definitely have ad extensions on your PPC campaigns.

Shopping Ads

Shopping Ads

PPC shopping ads are an excellent way to significantly generate sales and ROI from pay per click ads on leading search engines. nHere at Search Eccentric- one of the leading PPC company in India, our approach to managing your PPC shopping ad campaign ensures that you generate more and more sales and experience high CTR -Click Through Rates effectively in minimal time.

PPC Optimization

PPC Optimization helps both – focus and refine performance boundaries of your PPC campaign ads. Experienced and qualified PPC experts at Search Eccentric can help you get most out of your limited PPC budget by creating an effective and optimized PPC campaign at a lower cost.

Why Choose Search Eccentric for PPC Management

We are the best Pay-Per-Click agency in India. Want to know what makes us shine among the rest? Here is the answer:

  • Certified PPC experts: We have highly skilled and qualified PPC specialists
  • Result oriented: We thrive on success, and provide proven results. Our high-quality PPC campaigns help in improved ROI and brand exposure.
  • Outstanding and professional support: We provide round the corner support via chat, email, and call.
  • 100% Transparency: We provide project management data report to our clients, so everything is crystal clear.
  • Budget-friendly services: We provide high quality and affordable PPC management services to help to achieve your goals and objectives.


Regular Monitoring


We prepare reports that offers you complete and in-depth analysis of PPC campaigns. This reports covers all the aspect of metrics which helps in analysing how you are performing by monitoring ROI. These metrics revolves around your business objectives. We help you in monitoring and managing your account in a better way.

Better Leads And Sales

sales Report

Our strategies help attract more customers which will lead to increase in sales and leads. Our  effective PPC campaigns will help in brand exposure and improved ROI.

Professional Team

Professional Team

Our SEO professional have gained mastery in reducing your CPC and getting improved score.

Right Platforms


Search Eccentric ensures that your ad can be seen at appropriate places at an appropriate time. Further, we make analysis of the traffic behavior and then make changes to your campaign for optimum results.

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