Advanced Analytics

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Search Eccentric offers flexible applications that are data driven and solve complex problems of businesses irrespective of size. Search Eccentric’s certified Google Analytics experts have handled projects ranging from basic setup and configuration to eCommerce integration. We present all the information through our advance performance metrics.


  • Customer And Marketing Analytics : The experts at Search Eccentric assists its clients by giving deep insights into the effectiveness of all marketing activities leading to optimization of investment allocation decisions.
  • Talent And HR Analytics :  We help you with comprehensive analytics that can help you in harnessing HR data in order to take informed and fast decisions.This is done by offering expert services in workforce analytics and planning that will help you in not only identifying ways to solve challenges but also in identifying better opportunity.
  • Operative Analytics : Search Eccentric helps you in introducing your product into the market in a cost effective manner and creating informed decisions by putting right people, process and tools to support your analytics.
  • Fraud And Risk Analytics : We help our clients in understanding all the measures that infuse risk awareness, drive competitive differentiation and investment that can help you in continuous improvement.
  • Enterprise And Finance Analytics : We have a holistic framework which integrates key components like globalization, combining of volatility and stakeholder expectations to create next-gen EPM.


At Search Eccentric, we provide following services under our Google Analytics program to offer clients.

E-Commerce Integration

Our robust, scalable and flexible implementations helps the clients in improving performance, blazing new trails and going a long way.  We design and create custom eCommerce conversion-driven campaigns that can be easily monitored from the client’s end for both organic and paid traffic.

  • Track and maintain ROI calculation
  • Campaign budget
  • Seamless operational workflow for inbound traffic, conversion and user behaviour.

Adwords Integration

The professionals at Search Eccentric can remove all the clutter from the marketing strategy using Google Analytics. We know the method of giving a clear and complete picture of the client’s total conversion including both offline and online conversions. Our certified Adwords professionals improve your regular expenditure and define your budget prior using analytics. With our metrics like CPC, CPA and CPI, we offer our clients with better insight for cost utilization and areas that needs improvement or more attention.

Funneling And Trackbacks

The team can also assist in improving net conversion rate by tracing the conversion path and providing advanced funneled reports with suggestions to fill up the loopholes.

Support And Maintenance

Our certified experts will begin with analysing your business objectives, strategy and desired performance before beginning to configure your analytics account. Through our multiple monitoring channels, we always keep an eye on the client’s landing pages. We are specialized in paid PPC, On-Page, organic, Google Tag Manager and Event Tracking.

Why Us

At Search Eccentric, we focus on delivering the best results to our clients with maximum ROI within the committed time period. We help the clients in making more insightful decisions. Regardless of your current capability, you can reap more benefits through Advanced Analytics.

In Depth Site Audit


We implement in-depth site audit for incorrect analytics. We have simple KPI to review the growth rate, comparison and status of a project.

Advanced Analytic Techniques


We have advanced techniques to perform different analysis whether it is goal tracking or funnel trackback.

Complete Assistance

Search Eccentric offers a complete assistance in conversion analysis, input cost analysis, revenue trend analysis and ROI calculation.

Setup And Integrations


Our dedicated team members help you in Adwords Analytics and Ecommerce setup and integration.

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