OK Google, did you start using Google’s Conversational Search on your smartphone, yet?

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Google, the global search powerhouse, introduced the Conversational Search feature at its Annual I/O conference in May 2013, and perhaps gave a glimpse of what future holds for its Chrome users worldwide. It was somewhat implied that the search engine giant was developing this feature for it’s much fawned upon and most anticipated product launch of the year Google Glasses.


The initial response was phenomenal and Chrome users started their dialogue with Google from desktops and notebooks, while smartphone and tablet users had to wait until the service was introduced in November last year. I have been using Google’s conversational search on my phone and believe me, it is just about as much fun as Apple’s Siri.


Let’s begin with “OK Google”


For starters, one needs to open Google Search and start conversing by saying “Ok Google”, which tells the application that a conversation is about to begin, and the prompt ‘Speak now” appears. Further, it is important to note that this service works best while using a good Wi-Fi or a 3G connection and works horribly with the standard 2G/EDGE network. Personally I use an Airtel 3G and the service was somewhat ok-ish. Let’s see what happens when I gave some challenges to Google’s conversational search feature.



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