Hostgator is an Indian branch of, one of the leading web hosting service providers of the world. provides numerous hosting related services to its customers and have won numerous accolades for their quality of service.


  • Primarily Hostgator wanted improvement in their traffic and conversions
  • Online Brand Visibility was their secondary objective

Solutions provided by us

  • After a thorough website audit, there were numerous bad links that were found and rectified to optimize the website.
  • did not have active content engagement prior to approaching us. Our IM team created a neat strategy that would help in publishing valuable content on reputable sites in order to generate quality backlinks.
  • The website had a high bounce rate, which was affecting the conversions. Our SEO team optimized some of the landing pages in order to attract more visitors and reduce the bounce rate.


  • Within a month, the bounce rate of the website reduced from above 50% to 41.87 %.
  • Over 26% visitors came from organic searches whereas another 27% came from paid searches, ppc and ads.
  • The overall website load time was reduced from 15 seconds to 11 seconds