Little Friends Pet Memorial is a memorial service that helps the pet owners memorialize the reminiscence of their pets and the bond they shared with their loved ones. They offer pet memorial services and products such as memorial walls and different kinds of urns like photo urns, vase urns, wooden urns, figurine urns and many others. They have been serving all the Houston pet lovers for the past 30 years.


Little Friends Pet Memorial contacted us to help them develop good PPC campaign, website and meet their unique marketing requirements. We began our journey keeping all the below objectives our priority:

  • To analyze their and competitors website to understand the outreach in a better way.
  • To develop campaigns that can reach the demography.
  • To increase the current campaign status more than any previous ones.


  • Our initial challenge was to target various website products through search ads. We thoroughly studied and analyzed all their competitors website.
  • After that, we selected relevant keywords for the products to have an effective Google search network PPC campaign.
  • We created campaigns within separate Ad groups to sketch budget in a clear way.
  • Next we started with search Ads and make Search Ads. Landing pages were set up simultaneously with the relevant keywords.
  • Demographic and target audiences for every product based ads needed through optimization.
  • All this had to be performed within a specific timeframe.


  • The Ad campaigns were well set up that reaped good results.
  • Optimization of all the products for landing pages, Search Ad performance and target audience were performed well.


  • The campaign impression, brand awareness and clicks were increased.
  • The overall traffic experienced a steady increase.