Google Remarketing Services

We increase the relevant traffic to your website at the lowest cost possible

Google Remarketing Services

Search Eccentric has emerged as the leading Google Adwords Remarketing Agency in SEO industry. As a trendsetter, we have not only understood the concept well, but we have received overwhelming success in Google Remarketing Services. With an impressive record of delivering quality and result oriented services for 3 years since Google Pay Per Click Remarketing Services were introduced and well over 120 customers (ie approximately 450 remarketing campaigns), we can tap this heavily underused resource of online marketing.

Remarketing is the process where we literally chase the visitor. In this process, if a customer visits your webpage, we can set a cookie on behalf of you to track the visitor in real time and show him relevant ads which will bring him back to your site. This is a mix of art and science and only experienced Google Adwords Remarketing Agency like Search Eccentric can get this done for you ably. Once properly executed, Google remarketing can increase your sales by 1046%, ie 10.5 times more sales await you when you employ our service.

Studies have also shown, it is 98% costlier to acquire new clients than to retain existing customers. Yet, strangely enough, we ignore the previous visitors to our site and chase the new customers with all our efforts. Stop this wastage of time, effort and money and hire the Best Google Remarketing Service Agency Search Eccentric today.

Google Remarketing Service @ A Glance

  • Keep record of all the visitors who visit your website.
  • Track all the visitors all over the internet.
  • Display ads on other websites when those visitors surf the internet.
  • Track conversion  for each site during re-marketing.
  • Calculate ROI for each site, and decide the best site for targeting the visitors.
  • Change ad position and placement if needed.

Your SEO company never told you of this wonderful service? Hmmm, probably they dont even know that this service exists. Or probably, they dare not tread into a territory where they have not the expertise or experience of one pence.

The Search Eccentric Advantage

Experience of running Google Remarketing successfully since service inception. Our complete service includes but not limited to

  • Initial strategy formation.
  • Display Ad designing.
  • Ad placement and management.
  • Tracking & analysis.

What are you waiting for? Stop chasing the wild goose and concentrate on a cheaper and more prosperous alternative. Stop wasting your time with the naives and employ the Best Google Remarketing Service Agency, Search Eccentric.