Google Analytics Consultation & Support

Google Analytics Consultation & Support

Advanced analytics techniques optimized for better conversions

As the leading Indian Google Analytics Partner, our certified and experienced analysts will help you monitor inbound traffic and maximize profits, regardless if that is through web, social, mobile, or paid ads.

Search Eccentric’s certified Google Analytics experts have handled projects ranging from basic setup and configuration to advanced funnel segmentation, usage tracking and eCommerce integration. Our pool of talented analytics ninjas has helped us in achieving the coveted Google Analytics Partner recognition.

We do the impossible. Advanced Google Analytics techniques for Higher ROI

Google Analytics Services offered by Search Eccentric

Google Analytics is your website’s performance scorecard. It presents all the information about your website’s inbound traffic, visitors inflow, onsite behavior, etc. via customizable reports and advanced performance metrics. At Search Eccentric, we provide following services under our Google Analytics program.

Analytics Account Setup and Installation

Our marketing experts will understand your business and goals first. We will then analyze your marketing strategy, objectives and desired performance metrics, before configuring the analytics account.

Post analysis, reporting and segmentation roundup, we will manage Google Analytics Tracking Code installation, creation of customized reports, goal tracking, funnel setup, etc., including access administration and individual access configuration.

  • Campaign Tracking
  • Goal Tracking
  • Google Adwords Integration
  • Ecommerce Tracking
  • Goal Segmentation
  • Custom Reporting
  • Advanced Metrics

Ecommerce Integration

Search Eccentric’s analytics experts are adept at advanced eCommerce installation, enabling our clients to target higher ROI and implement enhanced business decisions. We will design and create custom eCommerce conversion-driven campaigns that can be easily monitored at the client end for both organic and paid traffic. Our certified professionals will track and maintain ROI calculation and campaign budget, thereby authoring a seamless operational workflow for all conversion, inbound traffic and user behavior related traffic metrics.

Adwords Integration

We have a pool of Google certified Adwords professionals who can improve your regular expenditure on paid media PPC campaigns and help you monitor a pre-defined budget campaign using analytics. We will provide real-time cost/revenue trend about your Adwords marketing campaign covering all metrics, such as CPA, CPC and CPI, and provide better insights about the cost utilization and areas that need a deeper look. In simple words, we remove the clutter from your marketing strategy using Google Analytics.

Funnel Reporting and Conversion Metrics

Advanced goal funneling and trackbacks are a fantastic way of analyzing a website’s conversion dropoffs. We identify the crucial areas and patterns where the customers are dropping out from the conversion path, and then we optimize those areas to improve the net conversion rate. Revenue optimization is incomplete without a deeper look into the user conversion behavior, and so with advanced funnel reporting and conversion metrics, we aim towards filling gaps in the system.

Analytics Issue Support & Consulting

At Search Eccentric, innovation driven perfection is imbibed in our professional ethos. Hence, we consider any issue faced by the client as ours, and we find the best solution. If you are having trouble with member activity versus non-member activity, or monitoring unique landing pages through multiple marketing channels or facing problems with Universal Google Analytics setup, our certified experts will be at your call. We specialize in organic, referral, paid PPC, Google Tag Manager, Event Tracking and In-Page Analytics.

Why Search Eccentric as a Google Analytics consultant?

At Search Eccentric, we strive towards offering highest quality of customer satisfaction, delivery within committed time and maximum ROI.

  • In-depth site audit for incorrect Analytics implementation
  • Exact KPIs from a swarm of metrics to review growth
  • Real-time input cost and revenue trend analysis
  • Assistance in ROI calculation and conversion analysis
  • Simple KPIs to review project status and comparison
  • Customized reports for seamless project life evaluation
  • Ecommerce and Adwords Analytics account setup & integration
  • Goal tracking, funnel trackback and advanced Analytics techniques

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