A reputed Dental Clinic from Dubai, providing latest and cost efficient dentistry services, approached Search Eccentric a few months back. Their concern was not able to leverage their online presence. With not much digital branding to their market effort in the past (before project kickoff), their market awareness and conversions were in the danger zone.

Here is the latest Search Eccentric’s SEO success story


  • Improve Search Visibility to a measurable extent


  • Our preliminary technical audit of the website gave us the total error log, based on which the On-Page team started remedial measures.
  • Once the errors were fixed to a significant extent, the Off-Page, Content and Analytic teams executed the core operations phase for the objectives.
  • Based on the finalized keywords that the clients wanted to see results on.
  • The content marketing efforts included strategic content publishing plan that focused their efforts on selected core keywords and phrases as well as the deep-lying pages that were off the Ranking charts prior to the campign. (See Results section for the Ranking Report)


  • The specific challenges for a medical industry client is the strict guidelines of business operation. Also, Dental industry being a selective niche, doesn’t get a lot of target traffic directly.
  • The websites ideal for content syndication and publishing in this niche are thin stretched and riddled with strict guidelines for publications. Therefore, a considerable effort was required to help tilt the balance and bringing results.


  • Within 4 months of aggressive campaigning, we were able to rank some of the prominent keywords on the first page of Google SERP.
Keyword Ranking (Past) Ranking (31st Jan)
Pinoy Dentist 35 1
Filipino dentist dubai 12 1
Braces satwa dubai 49 3
Dubai mall dentist 62 6

Once the keywords started showing up on the first page; the entire campaign got enough fuel to capitalize on the progress, considerably improving their visibility and subsequently, conversions.

The project is still running and the results and the entire campaign progress has convinced the client, that indeed, SEO is a long term process that bears fruit only if treated with patience.