Selling Online on Amazon is the easiest, the most convenient and an inexpensive way of starting a business online. As an Amazon seller you can list your products, start selling online and increase your sales and profit using our easy to use platform.

Amazon Marketing Services offers three advertising options, for vendors and sellers: Product Display Ads, Sponsored Products, and Headline Search Ads.

The primary benefit of using Amazon over other sales platform, is that it gives sellers/advertisers a direct opportunity to get their products and brand in front of additional in-market shoppers.

Why It’s Important

More than two million third-party merchants in over a hundred different countries are currently selling on the Amazon platform, and this number has doubled in the past decade. More than 40 percent of all the merchandise sold on Amazon last year was sold by a third-party merchant, or a total of about two billion items

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“A good conversion rate on an Amazon product detail page is widely considered 15%. That’s a huge number, often 3-5x that of other ecommerce sites.”



The client approached us to increase the sales and conversions by promoting the products through Amazon as marketplace. The client has different range of products which was a challenge for us to work on and get the results. Below is the process and action plan we created and implemented to achieve the results for him.

Strategy & Execution

Amazon has its own algorithm that it uses to rank products. It’s called the A9 algorithm. A9 ranks products based on organically generated traffic and sales. There are various factors included to rank a product which are like reviews, avg rating, product title and product images etc.

The first step of the process is to create an action plan and then follow it to achieve the results. Below are the actionable we took into the consideration after doing an in-depth analysis and looking at the effective strategy.

Customer Reviews & Average Star Rating

Customer reviews and ratings are quite common on e-commerce sites all over the world, and with good reason. Another important point about Amazon’s reviews tactics is that they solicit reviews for each product individually. While many companies send emails asking for reviews, most bundle their requests all together.

So we chased out customers and got more product reviews for the company which eventually increased their sales.


Product Title and Text— Optimize for Humans and Machines for Best Results

Product title and text is a primary key of getting a product ranked and get more visibility. Creating descriptions and product texts (title, bullet points, product description, EBC / A + content). We followed below pointers to optimize the product

  • Information: Provide all necessary information for the buying decision.
  • Communication (Advantages/Benefits): Highlight the benefits and USPs of the article in the description. How do your product’s features help potential buyers? How exactly do they benefit from them?
  • Presentation: Present and structure information so that customers can receive it quick and easy

Here are the elements we included in the title:

  • Brand name
  • Name of the product itself

Below is an example of the product we reviewed as this was getting sales and we accordingly optimized the client’s product.


Product Image and Videos

We followed competitor analysis strategy where we dig down and researched over a various products and competitors to crack down the factors helping them getting more sales and conversions.


Pictures often say more than a thousand words. That’s why attractive, conversion-optimized product images play an important role in online marketing with Amazon. The first thing a customer sees of a product is its images. Professional and deliberate product images make a good impression and thereby increase the click rate and conversion rate

Paid Advertising

Various types of ads can be displayed in search results and on product pages of the Amazon website by using Amazon Marketing Services (AMS). These adverts link to product pages or other landing pages within Amazon (On-Amazon marketing).

AMS charges are click-based (PPC — pay-per-click or CPC — cost-per-click).

Amazon Marketing Services addresses target audiences very precisely. It is very effective and should be part of every Amazon marketing strategy.

Sponsored Products (Vendor + Seller):

Comparable to Google Adwords, Amazon’s “Sponsored Products” allows sellers to bid on the ranking of an ad in the search results. The ads can appear at the beginning, in the middle, at the end or even next to the search result. 1st place on Amazon will thus be accessible, or “purchasable”, for every merchant. The ads also appear on product pages.

There were other pointers we took in our strategy

“We made the most out of it and were able to increase the visibility of the product thus resulting in more traffic to the products and increased conversions.”


After implementing above strategy we were able to achieve results for the client and here is the summary.

potential customers

We were able to deliver more traffic to the products by getting it optimized and then those customer reviews and avg rating helped us to convert those potential customers to buyers. This overall strategy increased their sales by 30% and orders increased by 37%