Facebook has grown into a venue for businesses to market themselves through interaction with customers and self-promotion.

Facebook has become one of the best conversions and sales driven channel for most of the clients. Facebook marketing and any other social media marketing campaign are just like a courtship in real life. You should do it step-by-step until you build the relationship you wished to have. There should be more Facebook marketing ideas out there.

Whether you’re a big corporation or a small local biz, Facebook is a powerful marketing tool – it’s a great space to keep customers informed, develop brand identity, and broaden your reach.

Why It’s Important

One of the biggest advantages of Facebook is that it gives everyone a voice that will be heard.

In addition to providing the ability to share opinions on products or services, Facebook enables users to endorse businesses within their own community by simply hitting the “Like” button.

Companies can leverage this phenomenon and turn everyday users into brand influencers. 9 in 10 consumers take the words of their peers into account during the buying process.

Facebook Advertising

Facebook offers its own form of advertising with Facebook ads. These ads are referred to more specifically as Marketplace Ads. They include a headline with copy, an image, and a click-through link to either a Facebook page or an outside website.

Implementing Facebook advertising into your Facebook marketing strategy is one possible technique for increasing likes or driving website clicks.

Facebook offers its own form of advertising with Facebook ads.

Facebook advertising features include:

  • Demographic targeting by Facebook user data on age, location, education, and interests.
  • The ability to set ad budgets.
  • Ad testing, in which multiple ad versions can be run simultaneously in order to compare ad designs and setup.
    Built-in ad performance measurement tools.

Facebook Demographic



This client approached us to do perform social media marketing and management for them. Although there were other social media platforms but we found out Facebook as social platforms that best gave them conversions such as sign-ups and sales.

Strategy & Execution

The very first step in your Facebook marketing strategy should be to set goals and prepare the action plan which we took into the consideration at initial stage.

We went through the details of the client company including expectations. We followed below mentioned strategy to increase the conversion for the client.

Making better use of ‘Audience Insights’

Audience Insights is a hidden gem for marketers, especially when you are working on paid ads. Facebook’s Audience Insights gives you comprehensive details on your target audience based on which you can create tailored contents. The more relevant is your content, the better will your investment in paid ads fare.

We worked on analysis to find the audience insights and understand which are our target audience to create the persona.

Target Audience

Facebook Pixel and Tracking

Facebook Pixel offers a detailed guide to set it up for the first time. For this, you don’t need to be technically sound. Here are the steps:

  • Go to your Facebook Ads Manager
  • Click on Actions > View Pixel Code
  • Copy this code > Paste it between the header tags of your website

The tracking data can be used to optimize your ads and trigger more conversions and You can track the conversions and link them back to your ads

We implemented the pixel code and started tracking the results as we move forward with other pointers of our strategy and actionable.

Facebook Pixel and Tracking

Visuals: Roadmap to Success on Social Media

When it comes to social media, it’s best to think visual. After all, Facebook posts with pictures get 5.5 times more likes compared to their text-only brethren.

Facebook posts with pictures

Discount Coupons on Facebook Fridays

Discount coupons are a sophisticated, powerful way to boost your brand and track your marketing ROI. Coupons will certainly draw attention and motivate purchases. Black Friday Cyber Monday (BFCM) is a tremendous opportunity for your business to make money.

Discount Coupons

Plan Engaging Content

We recommend planning posts about a month in advance and maintaining a regular posting schedule such as five posts per week. This way you can diversify the topics you post about, plan for any upcoming holidays or events, and keep your posting consistent. It’s a good idea to include an image, video, or gif with every single post you make.

Hosting Facebook Contests

Running Facebook contests, sweepstakes, or promotions is another Facebook marketing tactic that can increase fans and brand awareness.

Pinpoint Target Audience

Facebook marketing is useless if you aren’t reaching the right people. That’s why getting the right target audience is so important! You just have to know how to find them.

Posting Content: a lot more than Promotion

Posting Content

Monitor Daily

Once you have your posts planned and your ads created with an efficient budget, the next step of our Facebook marketing strategy is to begin monitoring your Facebook account. We recommend monitoring your account every day to respond to comments and messages and to make sure all your scheduled content is posting properly.