About Belmonte Bikes

Belmonte Bikes offers the highest quality Dirt Bikes, Pocket Bikes, ATVs, Choppers and many more at an affordable price. Their product are made up of high grade steel frames to bear any adventure. They offer products that last for generations at an affordable price.


Initially, they were not performing well in terms of search and online visibility. They approached Saffron Tech with the following objectives:

  • To Improve Online Visibility
  • To generate organic search results
  • Improve Traffic growth and branding


  • Our experts conducted a site audit to discover all the technical issues.
  • The team identified the keywords that has shown robust search volume and high intent for content creation.
  • A keyword research was conducted using Google’s keyword planner tool. We identified the best pages for mapping the keyword topics. Our experts paid focus on the highest and lowest Average Monthly search.
  • Our experts added keywords in crucial aspects of website like page titles, meta description and web copy.
  • All the relevant pages were linked within the website for easier user navigation.
  • We generated content and HTML tagging. Our experts leveraged backlink technology to target new sources and map backlinks.
  • We employed content and non content technique to get quality links.
  • All the landing pages were optimized by fixing image size, eliminating excessive White Space, adding internal links and adding CTA.
  • We performed evaluation plan to detect any discrepancies.
  • We focused on content outreach by publishing Guest posts and articles.


Within short period of time, we were able to rank most of the keyword on first pages of Google. The below table shows improvement in the average position and impression of keyword.

Keyword : Street Legal Mini Chopper


There was a boost in traffic as well as reach. We offered them comprehensive search visibility at the local and world level for industry specific keywords.


There was immense increase in organic traffic of the website within short time frame.


Take Away

We employed data-focused approach to solve their problems. We conducted optimization process via ad texts and refining keywords for optimum traffic within the specific budget. In a short time frame, our client saw an immense improvement in the results.