Client Background

Profsoffice is an online trading company located based on Stockholm. They sell office supplies, papers, school supplies, exhibitions screens and other office materials from different leading online brands from large companies to private individuals.

They keep track of the way you navigate on PorfsOffice, web pages visited by you to determine part of the site that are most popular. This information is leveraged to deliver special content and offer to visitors who indicated interest in a particular area.


They approached Search Eccentric with the following objectives:

  • Analyze client and their competitors website to understand the nature of outreach
  • To increase the campaign status more the previous one
  • Develop campaigns to reach maximum demography


  • The website is in Swedish language due to which we had to set up the Google PPC campaign in Swedish language.
  • Most of the product on the website were targeted as per client requirements.
  • We conducted an in depth analysis to find the top competitors to get the complete insights.
  • We leveraged industry -leading tools to discover competitor customer’s online activities, demographics and interests.
  • We conducted an in-depth study of competitor’s website
  • Our first challenge was to target website products through search ads
  • We have to select relevant keywords for the products to create an effective Google search network PPC campaign

Strategies and Solutions

We started their campaign with the following strategies:

  • We created campaigns with separate Ad groups to set budgets clearly
  • We started the campaign with Search Ads and wrote the best Ads copy to attract customers in Swedish language
  • We had set landing pages with relevant keywords before beginning with the Search Ads.
  • We optimized target audience and demographics for each and every product


Within short time period, PPC campaign showed an immense increase in the campaign status.

  • The Ad campaigns yielded excellent results
  • The optimization of target audience and landing pages were performed well
  • There was increase in number of clicks, campaign impression and brand awareness
  • The overall traffic of the website increased

Below statistics prove that campaign has yielded quality results.

Total Impression Monthly Impression for the month of July and August