Cash UR Wheels

Cash UR Wheels sees a great boast in its online business, as after re-designing its website more and more automobile owners have started selecting it as an online platform for posting their services.


The client approached us with the demand of face lift of its website, which he wanted to revamp in every way possible to enhance its looks, viewership, readability and traffic inflow as a whole. The client wanted to develop the website as all-purpose platform providing the private vehicle owners and advertisers a reliable platform to post their services. The client wanted his website to be more descriptive and informative regarding its theme, at the same time it wanted a convenient admin control over the website. So that client can easily and regularly update the website with new inputs or data. On regards of design, the client demand was to get a professional appearing automobile portal


We provided the client with attractive and systematically designed automobile portal, which was best designed considering the specific requirements of the customers. We used updated technologies like PHP and MySQL Database, XHTML, AJAX, JavaScript, SSL, HTTP, SMTP. Besides, we supported the website with latest content management system, which gave the admin to have a more personalized control over data entry. Besides, we made the user interface of the website more systematic and simple through proper tab segmentation. Also, a lot emphasis was given to the design and layout of the website. Also, we had created different sections like FAQ, Bidding, Pricing, Referral etc. Finally we gratified the client by providing him an online platform, where the automobile owners can receive all the benefits of displaying advertising wraps. This gives our client the benefit of getting paid for the service from advertisers.

  • A more refined ecommerce platform welcoming more and more automobile owners
  • Increased traffic inflow and website’s page views
  • A more customized content management pages providing convenient interface to the website