After its website redesigning, My Talent Place enjoys a considerable growth and acceptance as a social media platform that let a huge chunk of career concerned youths to frequently visit the website


Dr. Grant Crow approached us with his idea of developing an online platform for young adults where they can get all the information in relation to career. Dr. Grant Crow is the founder of “” and has 22 years of experience on people development sector. He entrusted us with the responsibility of developing the website, which he wanted to use as the platform offering career advice, career options and career planning to those in need. He wanted the website to be interactive yet secure, professional yet attractive and of course technologically advanced, so that customers experience a dynamic and simplified users interface.


Being assigned with the job of developing a fully fledged Social Networking/ Community Platform, we required to work along proper planning. The project demanded proper integration of technology and communication tactics. Hence, we adopted technologies like PHP and MySQL Database, XHTML, AJAX, JavaScript, SSL, HTTP, SMTP and tried to best bring the essence of social networking. Our concern was to make the website informative, professional yet entertaining so that users feel like getting involved with website. We took up not just the designing and web development of the website but also did the online marketing for the website. Our team of marketing experts very well marketed the new website through various online publicity techniques and successfully got it placed at a higher rank in Google page.[/vc_column_text]

Results Achieved

  • A better design with more organized and systematic distribution of information
  • Easy and convenient navigation tools providing n user friendly interface
  • More customized control of the admin over data entry and content updating