My Data Snap experience a good lift in its traffic inflow as more and more customers are turning to their website considering its easy user interface, rich information and dynamicity.


My Data Snap, a real estate based company, who approached us with the demand of making their website a more user friendly website, which will be more dynamic and allow the users to have a better search experience of the properties updated by the admin. The client wanted his website to be more descriptive and informative regarding the properties details. Besides, the client also demanded for a convenient admin control over the website, so that they can easily and regularly update their website with new inputs or data, and also could have a smooth website maintenance experience. On regards of design, the client demand was to get a professional appearing real estate portal.


Our experts very well understood the technical requirement of the client, and accordingly we planned out the complete layout of the new website. Latest and advance technologies like PHP and MySQL Database, XHTML, AJAX, JavaScript, SSL, HTTP, SMTP were used. Our aim was to provide the client a highly customized website that would fairly accompany all the requirements specified by the client. Hence, we developed a complete new content management system for the client, which allowed him to have a customized control over the data addition or deletion. Beside, considering the user usability as well, we segregated the website into proper sections and allowed them to easily navigate within the website. Besides, we ensured that the information delivered via the website should be clear and simple. For this, we used various dynamic functions like folder management, search result facilities, Quick find, and detailed search with buttons that filter the database.[/vc_column_text]

Results Achieved

  • More ordered and systematic sharing of information
  • An improved yet simplified user interface
  • Increased traffic inflow from Google search engine