GoldDerby is happy to see its website growing as a perfect entertainment portal, which is successfully attracting relevant traffic through its newly designed and easy user interface integrated website.


Client Goldderby, a Hollywood entertainment based company, approached us with requirement of further enriching their website from entertainment aspect. The client basically deals with three sets of Oscar, Emmy, Grammy and other predictions for comparison and analyses by experts such as journalists from Entertainment Weekly, USA Today, etc. So, the client wanted its website to be very interactive and informative, which would give a perfect combination of pictures and right blend of texts. Basically, the client wanted a design that would speak loud of the website’s theme and would allow targeted customers to use the website through a convenient user interface.


We had the goal of rightly extracting out the real essence and the crux of the client’s website. To develop the website, we used updated technologies like PHP and MySQL Database, XHTML, AJAX, JavaScript, SSL, HTTP, SMTP. We wanted to incorporate maximum types of entertainment aficionados, so that the website becomes the right destination for tracking the latest in the awards business. Hence, by incorporating latest CMS and other web development technologies, we redesigned the website and made it a hub of exciting facts and fascinating news of the showbiz. We excelled in the expectation of the client, by completely re-shaping the website; we made the website more user friendly by segregating it into different sections, so that it doesn’t appear cramped.[/vc_column_text]

Results Achieved

  • Better segmentation of the website to make it more user friendly
  • Improved design, which is more integrated with the theme of showbiz
  • A hike in the flow of relevant traffic