Dark Knight Security Services is a premier private security firm based in London, providing security guarding, mobile patrolling, property inspections, concierge and reception and gate manning services. Founded in 2011, the company serves Berkshire, Surrey, Buckinghamshire, Essex, Hertfordshire, Hampshire, Kent, East Sussex and many other cities in UK.

The Brief

Prior to Search Eccentric working Dark Knight Security Services, the rate of online traffic to their site was reliant on PPC campaigns sponsored for keyword phrases and organic traffic driven by the quality of their website content and external marketing. This meant that Dark Knight Security was missing out on a huge opportunity. With Limited budget, it was apparent that we were required to be certain that every pound they spend on advertising is effective and provides a positive Return on Investment (ROI). This is where Search Eccentric’s all-round constructive approach, supported by experienced PPC campaign managers, proved invaluable.

Our Strategy

The Dark Knight Security PPC account faced its biggest challenge to beat its competitors and generate maximum ROI. While 95% of the total paid traffic came from highly targeting keywords relevant to the services offered by them, but very few visitors made the desired conversions.

Another big issue was limited advertising budget. Customers are searching for lowest rates for hiring security guards, and the PPC campaigns were needed to be very specific. The first step we did was to immediate restructuring of the campaign and the addition of new conversion optimized landing pages. Results started appearing almost immediately.

Landing Page Optimization

The existing landing page (site homepage) wasn’t suitable for PPC traffic. Too many unwanted information and lack of proper Call to Action (CTA) buttons. We created new landing pages dedicated to specific services.

CTA Correction

There were too many calls to action that diluted message clarity. Search Eccentric’s PPC team created new buttons with relevant CTA focusing on the primary need of the visitors, reducing the number from 4 to 1.

Addition of Trust Elements

The accreditations were not clearly highlighted, and so we added proper Dark Knight Security accreditations in the footer and header.

Adgroup Optimization

The existing campaigns were targeting almost broad keywords within a single adgroup. We created themed adgroups within their current keywords and divided their broad keywords set into small targeted adgroups. This ensured creating independent strategies and dedicated landing pages to prepare specific ads relevant to each adgroup and a better shot at achieving the best CTR.

Removal of irrelevant search queries for better conversion

Targeted adgroups used converting keyword queries in phrase/exact match. For instance the broad keyword “Hire Security Guards” also generated queries for “Security Alarms”. We studied historical keyword data and added appropriate keyword match type in each adgroup.[/vc_column_text]

Attributes Before Search Eccentric After Search Eccentric
Total Clicks 2,123 2,095
Click Through Rate (CTR) 2.15% 5.68%
Average Cost Per Click (CPC) £6.17 £3.42
Average Position 5.8 1.4
  • Previous campaigns – The existing campaigns had a 2.15% CTR with an average CPC of £6.17. They received 2,123 clicks and had an average position of 5.8.
  • After Search Eccentric’s taking over – The average CPC improved and cut down to $3.42, and the average ad position improved to 1.4, besides improving CTR at 5.68%. Maintaining similar clicks, we cut average CPC in half and improved average ad position to the first spot.
  • The client had to take back incentive schemes as the traffic and conversion volume was overwhelming.
  • Working to strict CPA targets, the PPC campaign has delivered a YOY sales increase of 447% whilst maintaining a 4% increase in budget.