Mulloys Fine Jewelry

A San Diego based jewelry firm, Mulloys Fine Jewelry is a leading store for fine jewelry and diamonds in San Diego. Founded by Phil Mulloy in 1990, it has made an outstanding business right since its inception. After it launched its official website in 2005, the reach and impact of having an online presence has grown its customer base even more. Now the website, as well as the store, offers the most extensive lineup of designer jewelry brands at competitive prices, therefore leading the online retail market in designer jewelry and diamonds.


  • Ranking of keywords on Designer Keywords not up to the mark
  • Overall traffic, not very good.


  • Search Eccentric got to the task of optimizing the website and, therefore, improving the project’s global search engine ranking. A team of dedicated experts analyzed the initial conditions and rankings on the SERP to propose an actionable towards improvement.
  • Based on the analysis, various result-oriented On-page and off-page SEO techniques were considered that would include working on Meta Title duplication errors and server errors, apart from the primary concerns.


During website analysis, the team found that more than 22000 “Not Found” pages were present on the website.

Apart from that, only eleven keywords had rankings in the top 20.


For the on-page optimization section, the experts from the SEO team began with improving the essentials of the website such as
removing duplicates of contents and titles,

  • fixing broken URLs and bad links,
  • adding rel canonical tags,
  • improving the H1, H2, Meta Title and Meta Description implementations
  • Uploading .XML sitemap

For the off-page section, key strategies like content distribution through guest blogging and social sharing was followed. Social bookmarking on high domain authority sites was also enacted.


Here is a concise summary of a keyword table that fostered the rankings on global SERPs and improving the overall website traffic.

KeywordCurrent RankingInitial Ranking

KeywordCurrent RankingInitial Ranking
Jude Frances690
Beverly K9112
Christopher Designs5122
Michael Beaudry7113
Coge Design4160
JB Star10183
Coge Designer488
Roberto Coin Jewelry10140
Rebecca Jewelry4143
Michael Beaudry Jewelry656
Memoire Jewelry670
Christopher Designs Jewelry471
Beverly K Jewelry835

The pie-chart below summarizes the above data pretty well.


The strategies work well for Malloy’s Jewelry website and is constantly uplifting its worth in global search results. We found the keyword ranking getting better in a consistent manner.