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Efficient budget management

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Why Invest in Display Advertising?

The visual allure and precision targeting capabilities of online display advertising render it a sought-after facet of digital marketing. Display ads, for which payment is made, surface before users during their online browsing activities. Display advertising boasts numerous merits:

  • Visually captivating and attention-commanding
  • Extended reach
  • Effective precision targeting
  • Retargeting of engaged audience
  • Real-time measurability and trackability

Display advertising is renowned for swiftly and effectively cultivating brand awareness and trust. It’s notably less obtrusive than conventional advertising methodologies, granted the display occurs alongside suitable, relevant content.

However, reckless handling of online display ads can escalate costs significantly. Techmagnate holds the acumen and competence to deftly oversee your advertising budget, facilitating the achievement of your objectives, encompassing:

  • Cultivating brand awareness
  • Driving lead generation
  • Fostering eCommerce sales
  • Encouraging app installations

Employing a data-informed strategy, we aid in discerning astute targeting, strategic placement, and optimal bidding. With precision, we can pinpoint your desired audience and sway customers with compelling banners and display ads, spanning an array of engaging ad formats.

Where Will Online Display Ads Find Their Space?

  • Google Display Network (GDN)
  • Yahoo Network
  • 3rd Party Ad Networks such as AdRoll
  • Prominent Portals like BBC, NDTV, TOI, Money Control, etc.

Enhanced Management of Display Ad Campaigns

We harness cutting-edge techniques, insights from Analytics, Search Display Remarketing tools, and tried-and-true strategies for display ad campaign management to yield exceptional performance. Our emphasis lies on:

  • Managing placements, encompassing site selection
  • Contextual targeting – both keyword and content-based
  • In-audience targeting
  • Demographic and behavioral targeting
  • Remarketing
  • Media buying

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Our Experience & Expertise In Online Display Advertising:

Our extensive knowledge and proficiency in online display advertising highlight us as a premier company in India for these services. Search Eccentric capabilities encompass the following platforms, solidifying our position as a leader in the field:

  • Search Advertising
  • Remarketing across Search and Display networks
  • Social Advertising on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram
  • Implementing Call Tracking to enhance customer retention and acquisition
  • URL Tagging for precise campaign tracking
  • Seamless CRM Integration with websites for optimized performance.

Our Approach to Display Advertising

Strategy and Structure for Campaigns

At Techmagnate, we initiate our process with a comprehensive strategy tailored to your specific needs and objectives. We thoroughly analyze your intended audience, identifying the optimal display networks and publishers necessary to effectively engage them. Expertise in Targeting.

Success hinges on a deep understanding of your audience. Our targeting approaches encompass factors such as location, demographics, behaviors, and even previous interactions {for retargeting}. We dissect your audience to devise the most effective targeting methods.

Optimizing Ads

Effective display advertising necessitates captivating visuals, explicit calls-to-action, and alignment with your brand identity. Our primary focus revolves around crafting and refining compelling advertisements to enhance traffic and foster lead generation. We maintain a vigilant watch on performance and efficiency, instigating A/B tests to drive experimentation. Strategy and Design for Landing Pages.

Upon a user’s interaction with an ad, they are directed to a designated landing page. It’s imperative for this page to be optimized for conversion, achieved through a blend of visual appeal, lucidity, and a persuasive call-to-action. Techmagnate guarantees the harmony and consistency of ads and landing pages with your brand’s design guidelines.

Continuous Assessment

We institute robust tracking mechanisms for your display advertising campaigns, perpetually gauging their progress and identifying opportunities for enhancement. Each campaign is accompanied by comprehensive reports and an exhaustive evaluation.

Why Choose Us

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Attention To Detail

At Search Eccentric, we pay a great deal of attention to even the small stuff, scheduling of timelines and proper project management that makes is stand out of the crowd. We are fun and creative to work with while keeping a close eye on your budget.

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Affordable Pricing, No Hidden Charges

Here at Search Eccentric, our prices are competitive and fair. With is, you won’t hit with any surprise bills. That’s how we treat our clients.

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At Search Eccentric, we also bring our diverse background of advertising and strategic planning in order to work on your project. Not only will your materials seems to be great, but they will also get positive results.

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Team Of Professionals

With over 10 years of advertising experience, our leading advertising company has deliberately constructed a qualified and diverse team of experts.

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