Lead Based Marketing Services

With a wealth of experience in executing numerous lead based markerting campaigns, we possess the expertise to deliver a substantial volume of high-quality leads at mutually determined Cost Per Lead (CPL) rates. We are adept at crafting user-friendly landing pages, driving targeted traffic from various sources, and providing you with a steady stream of quality leads.

More Leads, More Sales!

Are you seeking to boost lead generation for your online business?

At Search Eccentric, we offer lead based marketing services through a strategic blend of SEO and PPC services. A lead, in our context, is an individual who visits your landing page and completes an inquiry form, expressing a keen interest in learning more about your product or service. Since the lead provides their contact information, you can effectively follow up with them. Lead generation is a highly focused approach to acquiring leads and represents a potent form of digital marketing services.

How Does Lead Based Markerting Work?

Let’s delve into the mechanics of online lead generation:

Phase 1: Defining Lead Cost and Quality

This initial phase serves as a ‘pilot’ stage. We create a search-friendly landing page where potential customers or leads can sign up to receive additional information. The page is meticulously optimized and promoted on a smaller scale. This enables us to provide you with a clear understanding of lead generation costs and acquisition. Furthermore, this phase allows us to assess lead quality and fine-tune the lead generation campaign as necessary.

Phase 2: Final

After the successful conclusion of the pilot phase, we launch a comprehensive Lead based campaign, which includes:

  • PPC Services: We employ the most relevant keywords for your business, strategically targeting specific geographies to secure the leads you genuinely desire.
  • SEO Services: Our robust SEO services ensure that your landing page achieves high rankings across major search engines.
  • Email Marketing: Over the years, we’ve cultivated a substantial database of double opt-in subscribers. This valuable resource enables us to deploy email marketing campaigns and generate leads where it’s most appropriate.
  • Affiliate Marketing: We maintain a diverse network of partner and affiliate websites spanning various geographies and interest groups, all geared towards driving traffic to your landing pages.

Our lead based marketing services in India empower you to acquire leads based on your specified geographic and demographic criteria, significantly improving your chances of converting them into sales and outperforming your competitors.