Pay Per Lead

Pay Per Lead

Pay Per Lead (PPL) is a brand new concept, and like always, Search Eccentric is not late to offer this to our customers. PPL is a type of affiliate marketing program where the advertiser pays the affiliate based on conversion of leads, such as a file or software download, completion of a sign-up form for a newsletter, trial offer sign-up, or other desired action. You gain more in this than the traditional PPC as you pay only when the conversion is done, i.e. better usage of your limited resource. We can offer this only because we are confident of delivering results, not the hope of result.

Why Pay Per Lead?

PPL helps you to spend for only those leads which you require. Moreover, you can spend only when you need those. This is the best way to keep your online marketing budget within control.

We help you by providing qualified leads by attracting potential and interested candidates from our extensive network of sites. Thus you can easily purchase whatever lead you want to procure.

Key Features

  • PPL provides you with only those informations which you seek.
  • PPL can gather essential sales leads and enquiries, suitable for business.
  • You can choose whom to respond to, thus PPL is cost-saver too.
  • Simple to understand, it can serve your business’ key components.

If implemented properly, PPL can introduce to you another lucrative stream of revenue. As we will be providing something for free, a suitably placed advertisement will bring much traffic to your site. Search Eccentric has masters taking care of this department and you can count on our promise of delivering.

How we can make it happen for you?

Search Eccentric can help you in finding potential candidates and also guide them to buy essential credits. You can check among the interests received and target them according to your preference. As soon as this step is done, we will mail you the list of leads including CORPORATE ENQUIRIES!! If you are interested in any potential candidate, then we let you have the complete access to his data at a shoestring pricing. In this way, you keep on getting only your desired leads and pay for the same only.