Press Release & Article Submission Services

Believed article submissions to be ineffective? Think again! They’re still a valuable resource when executed correctly. Our top-notch content and backlinks are poised to elevate your SEO strategy. Contact us today, and we’ll demonstrate the effective utilization of article and PR submissions to enhance the link authority of your website!

Enhance Brand Visibility Through Article and Press Release Submissions

Utilizing article submissions and press releases offers a highly effective strategy for boosting the online prominence of your brand. By engaging in activities like article and press release submissions, active participation in discussion forums, and directory submissions, we have the capacity to generate a substantial volume of enduring one-way links directed to your website. At Search Eccentric, our Press Release submission service stands out, involving the distribution of press releases to numerous pivotal press release platforms. Each press release submission contributes an additional backlink, fortifying your Link Popularity. In a similar vein, our article submission services swiftly procure backlinks from high Page Rank article submission sites, resulting in heightened visibility and potential traffic influx should your article or press release be featured on Google News. Our assortment of press release and article submission packages can be explored for further details.

We enlist adept Content Writers specializing in impactful SEO Copywriting, capable of crafting distinctive, educational articles and press releases. These pieces are strategically infused with keywords and links pertaining to your website. In light of Google’s evolving algorithm and the recent Panda update, we prioritize content quality with utmost diligence. Plagiarism-free articles are guaranteed, aligning with the objective of enhancing your professional online standing. Additional insights into our seo copywriting offerings are accessible here.

PR Submission FAQs

What is the difference between free and paid press release distribution services?

Free and paid press release distribution services differ in several key aspects:

Free Services:

  1. Cost: Free services, as the name suggests, do not charge you for distributing your press release.
  2. Reach: They typically have a limited reach and may only distribute your release to a small network of websites and journalists.
  3. Control: You may have limited control over where your press release is published, and it might not appear on high-authority news sites.

Paid Services:

  1. Cost: Paid services charge a fee for distribution, but they offer more extensive features and reach.
  2. Reach: They often have a broader network of distribution partners, increasing the chances of your release being picked up by major news outlets.
  3. Control: You have more control over the distribution, including selecting specific target audiences and monitoring the results.

Is article submission still valuable as a modern SEO technique?

Article submission as an SEO technique has evolved over time. In the past, submitting articles to various article directories for backlinks was a common practice. However, in the modern SEO landscape, article submission has become less effective for several reasons:

  1. Google Algorithm Updates: Google’s algorithms have become more sophisticated and now prioritize high-quality, original content over mass-produced articles.
  2. Duplicate Content Issues: Submitting the same article to multiple directories can result in duplicate content issues, which can harm your SEO rankings.
  3. Low-Quality Directories: Many article directories are considered low-quality and may not provide valuable backlinks or traffic.
  4. Focus on User Experience: SEO has shifted towards improving user experience, emphasizing content that engages and provides value to readers.

While article submission can still have some SEO value if done carefully on reputable platforms, it’s generally more effective to focus on creating high-quality, original content on your own website and promoting it through other means like social media and guest posting on authoritative websites.

Do you offer article writing services as well?

Yes, we offer article writing services at Search Eccentric. Our team of experienced writers can create high-quality, engaging, and SEO-friendly articles tailored to your specific needs. Whether you need articles for your website, blog, press releases, or any other content requirements, we can provide you with well-crafted content that aligns with your marketing and SEO goals. Please contact us for more information on our article writing services and pricing.