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Google Update Optimization

Search Eccentric is the only Indian company to offer exclusive Google Update Optimization through our Google Update Recovery Services. Using our expertise and the deductive insight which we earned from our unwavering presence in the SEO market for a decade now, we are able to anticipate and take correct protective measures as well as cures of the serious Google updates.

Did you notice a sudden drop in your ranking? Did your visitor count go drastically low? You might be a victim of Google updates. While Google updates can bite you for so many reasons, let us lay down some of the common mistakes you might made or still making.

  • Used SEO techniques in the last decade.
  • Built link, especially in the old (spammy) way.
  • Using automated software for press release or article distribution.
  • Low quality content posted indiscriminately with exact anchor links pointing to your site.
  • Even worse, duplicate content posted on site or in off-page optimization.
  • Unnatural linking, especially from irrelevant website or bought with money.
  • Using forbidden or suspicious techniques to improve ranking.

Google updates are mainly of two types: The Panda update deals with poor quality of content while the Penguin update punishes malicious link building practices. Both can be pretty destructive in own ways. While the main target of Google Panda is to bring new and related websites and pages to the front, often a substantiate amount of old but good content gets affected as well. Similarly, some old links made during the golden days of link exchange and link building can cause havoc during a Penguin update. We are aware of both these threats and that is why we offer separate Google Panda Update optimization as well as Google Penguin Update Optimization.

Let Us Check Panda vs Penguin briefly

Panda Penguin
  • Poor content quality
  • Copied or duplicate content
  • Completely irrelevant content
  • Absence of SEO structure
  • Advertisements
  • High page load factor
  • Use of forbidden SEO practices
  • Backlink from low power websites
  • Backlink from irrelevant websites
  • Backlinks from penalized websites
  •  Too much reciprocal links
  • Use of link exchange or link wheeling
  • Posses hidden text and links
  • Too much exact keyword based linking

As you can see, Panda and Penguin are two completely different algorithm updates. Thus our approach to help you overcome these challenges vary considerably.

To recover from Panda


  • Complete analysis of the site.
  • Checking and improving the content quality of the site.
  • Spelling, punctuation and grammar (SPAG) correction.
  • Interlinking the site according to the SILO structure.
  • Improving real user experience of the site.
  • Unloading the page to improve page load factor, such as image compression or using CDN.
  • Using rel=canonical where necessary.
  • Using robots, noindex and nofollow where necessary.

To recover from Penguin

  • Checking the complete backlink list of the website.
  • Anchor text optimization of the whole site.
  • Complete removal of spammy backlinks for the whole site.
  • Maintaining a detailed sheet of each and every backlink.
  • Using Disavow tool for ignoring the links which cant be removed.
  • Finally, submitting a reconsideration request to Google.
  • Creating natural backlinks for the site.
  • Build relationships to generate attention and links
  • Cementing your place as the market leader and authority of your business niche.


There are some other updates which Google brings forward from time to time. The popular one was the EMD (Exact Match Domain) update in 2012 and a rumoured Zebra update which is coming up soon.

And the biggest of them al, the Hummingbird. How ironic, thinking of the size of the bird. Affecting almost 90% of all the search queries, this update is out and if are doing SEO in the old way, you are to be doomed soon if not already. Pay heed mate, ’cause these things are here to stay. But, gladly, so are we.

We have all encompassing Google Update Optimization Services as well to offer a complete protection from any Google update.

In fact, Google’s Matt Cutts said, Google rolls out an update every ten days which means you have approximately 40 updates in a year to handle. Even one of those can take your website into oblivion.

Try a trusted SEO company like Search Eccentric before it’s too late.

The next Google update is coming in 10 days!!!!

We have stood firm during each of Google’s updates and due to our long history, it makes us immensely experienced in handling all the previous and forthcoming updates. There are several well noted patterns which we have carefully noted by analyzing data before and after each updates of last several years. Aided with that data and of course our brilliant team of SEO managers, we are confident of rescuing any website from the wrath of Google updates.

You should ideally hire our services right now because

  • Within next ten days or so the next update is coming and if it hits you, it will take time for even us to bring you back to the top ranking. Better be safe than to be sorry. Hire our protection from any Google updates right now and enjoy peace of mind.
  • If you are already an unfortunate victim of any previous Google update, hire our Google update recovery services today. Through a systematic and steady process, we promise you to bring up the ranking of your website. We will, in fact, make it better than it initially was.

Don’t delay, the Google update is breathing on your neck. Act now and save your loved site.