Social Media Optimization Services in India

Harness the potential of social media to interact seamlessly with billions of users. Forge connections, share experiences, and engage on a single platform to amplify your brand’s reach. Our expertise empowers you to initiate, nurture, and expand your connections with followers, users, guests, and more. Get ready to shine as a social media sensation!

In today’s competitive Digital Marketing Industry, Social Media Optimization has become more important than ever. Social Media Optimization is the best way to generate a website popularity and connecting people through leading social media websites. Social Media Optimization is also known to be one of the excellent tools for website optimization.

If you own an online business or have a website, SMO can definitely help your business grow, nourish and meet the business requirements and objectives. Incorporated in 2008, Search Eccentric is a leading Social Media Optimization company in India, helping several clients create and manage effective and relevant social media marketing services for both large and small business.

Being a reputable SMO company, we manage popular social media networks such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and many more for our clients. With the help of our highly experienced and skilled social media experts, we can help to increase traffic from leading search engines in order to promote your brand. Search Eccentric is a top quality Social Media company in India as we understand the importance of your brand.


How We Do Social Media Optimization

Creating Unique Content

Our SMO journey begins with creating an interactive piece of content that is customized to meet all our client’s business needs and requirements. We have a team of creative content writers that create content around inspiring your target audience, educating them about your brand or services and most important keeping their interest on your business intact. We focus on different types of content such as guest posts, newsletters, blogs etc in order to highlight your brand across various social media platforms.

Interaction With Customers

This is an important section that consists of interacting and engaging with your target audience on social media platforms. At Search Eccentric we can help you in driving two-way communication by considering comments, reviews, and shares across social media to make your brand visible to potential customers. This helps you in driving traffic and generating more leads.

Increasing Followers

We can increase your customers and clients by both organic approach and paid ads. Our honest, natural or organic approach includes following industry influencers, using hashtags, liking and sharing posts, and many more. And on Facebook, we can help to increase your followers or audience by paid ads.

Your Voice, Global Reach

  • One Platform, Countless Users
  • Non-intrusive Conversations
  • Create Viral-Worthy Engaging Content
  • Swift Response for Enhanced Customer Satisfaction
  • Transform Users into Loyal Followers and Friends
  • Integrate Existing Campaigns with Your Social Media Strategy

Understanding Social Media Optimization (SMO)

Imagine the impact of a billion users converging on a single platform. A digital arena where people gather, converse, interact, and share ideas. A space where strategic Social Media activity can propel your community’s efforts to elevate and sustain your brand. Ponder the endless possibilities of Social Media.

Why Your Business Needs Social Media Optimization

For customer service, 1 in 3 Social Media Users favor social platforms over phone calls.


29% of all Social Media Users engage with organizations primarily on Facebook.


Over 25% of Social Media Users pay close attention to ads shared by their social connections.


1 in 3 Social Media Users prioritize Social Customer Care & Response over phone contact with companies.

Social Media Optimization Services

To those skeptical of the significance of a Social Media Optimization company, consider the potential influence of millions of users. Entire political campaigns are revolutionized, brands evolve into movements, and unknown individuals rise as icons – all catalyzed by the power of “word-of-mouth.” All happening online. This is the impact of Social Media Optimization Services. Blogs, social networks, professional platforms, forums, virtual communities, and platforms for sharing multimedia content serve as canvases for your voice. Our Social Media Marketing Services are designed to craft a positive brand image and counteract any negative perceptions on the web.


Acknowledging Social Media’s potential as a pivotal online marketing tool, Search Eccentric, a top SEO company in India, specializes in crafting and implementing Social Media Optimization (SMO) strategies for your business. As an integral facet of our Social Media Marketing Services, our proficient team excels in curating and managing blogs, distributing RSS feeds, actively participating in forums, tweeting, seamlessly embedding Flickr photo slides and YouTube videos into influential online communities. Our comprehensive Social Media Optimization campaign is vigilantly monitored to maximize its potential and ensure adherence to ethical standards. These measures ensure that your brand garners unique accessibility and customer-centricity.


Social Likes reign supreme as the most common action following exposure to a Social ad.


Advertising’s evolution has rendered it far from linear. With Social Media Optimization, “word-of-mouth” has been redefined entirely. An astounding 70% of Social Media users attentively follow conversations among friends and connections online. Our consumers have transformed their communication landscape, and you cannot afford to lag behind. Source: The Nielsen Report. 

Leading Social Media Platforms We Use

Social Media Optimization FAQs

What advantages can be gained from utilizing SMO services?

SMO services enhance brand visibility, engage audiences, drive website traffic, improve SEO, and foster strong online communities.

What makes Search Eccentric a suitable choice for social media optimization services in India?

Search Eccentric offers expert strategies, tailored solutions, proven track record, and a deep understanding of India’s diverse digital landscape.

What is the rationale behind the necessity of SMO?

SMO is vital because it leverages social platforms to reach and engage potential customers, amplifying brand awareness and credibility.

How does Social Media Marketing (SMM) differ from Social Media Optimization (SMO)?

SMM involves paid advertising and promotional campaigns, while SMO focuses on organic strategies to optimize content and engagement for free.