4 Traits of a Strong SEO Campaign

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There are thousands of SEO campaigns being created on a daily basis which makes the competition even harder. On top of that, there are numerous websites being created on a daily basis with each one of them looking to be ranked in top of search engines. This is why you have to make sure that your SEO campaign consists of all the necessary SEO elements to ensure that you’re going to be successful.


There is no doubt that Good SEO will give you a useful result and level of productivity. Billions of business people and marketers have been able to make good amount of money because of well-timed and ethical SEO practices. Digital marketing gives the opportunity to connect with your daily users. Because of advance technology, digital marketing and promotion are becoming easier and powerful.

If you look at it from one side, Digital marketing is done for revenue generation. Yes, it’s true that increasing sales revenue is the most desired result, and most expected outcome from a successful SEO or any sort of marketing campaign. You can perform significantly more than sales from an SEO Campaign.
This article looks at the 4 approaches to enhance your SEO campaigns so they deliver better, quantifiable results.


Keywords Analysis:

Keywords are words which are used by the people in the search box of a search engine to find the results in their interest. Picking the right keywords will have direct as well as an indirect impact on how successfully keywords and website rank better in Google. The best keywords are the word which is used by your targeted customer to find the products and services we are selling. Proper keywords will help you to create brand awareness for your organization and help to reach your targeted customers. Keep in mind that Google dislike over-stuffing of keywords, so try not to use same keyword very often in your content. If you will do so, then Google may penalize your website. There are more than 200 factors which influence the ranking factors which include unique page visits, bounce rate, visit duration etc.


Competitor Analysis:

Competitor analysis is must for each business. Looking into you rivalry will just help you to develop your business. It will give an insight to make your products and services better than others.


You can easily figure it out what your competitors’ offerings and take advantage of and, urge you to think of something like that of your own.



Google’s most recent update makes the job harder for the spammer, who once flooded the internet with badly written content. Because of that, many marketers believe that the back-links are no more important for ranking. But we disagree. Anyway, Google cares about the good back links, so you can share elegantly composed content which contains back links to your website. Don’t forget to use the targeted keywords in your content and anchor text of your backlinks.


Optimize the Website Speed:

In the internet community nobody likes slow websites, and more importantly faster website rank higher in Google. Usually a faster website has less downtime and able to give the information to their user faster. You can say loading times matters a lot for ranking. Research shows that if the page load time is more than 3 Secs then more than 40 percent user will go away from that web page. This also exactly works the same way for a mobile user. Normally mobile users are impatient, they do things while on the go and they just want the information just now.

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