What Internet Marketers Can Learn From Steve Jobs

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Whatever Steve Jobs did, did in a different style. This uniqueness reflected on his personality as well as on all the business moves he made. This has a lot to teach us. In fact, even if you are not an Apple fan or a Steve Jobs fan, you can still learn as these tips are applicable on all the businesses. The tips we are talking about are shared by Steve Jobs himself.

Internet Marketing Lessons Concentrate On One Thing at a Time

When Steve Jobs rejoined Apple in 1997, he said, the only reason Apple is failing is because the designing team and the R&D team are concentrating on too many things at a time. This way the company effort is divided among hundreds of issues and the productivity goes down big way. This is why Apple was struggling to meet its goals as well.

Internet marketers can learn and implement this from Jobs. They should ideally focus on the main marketing activity. Whatever marketing strategy works best for you; you should embrace that one and pursue that method with complete effort instead of chasing the goal using different ways which might look tempting. With every company being different, not all techniques shall work for everybody.

 A Picture Speaks A Thousand Words

Apple always used and use more images and less words in its advertisements. This is because images deliver much more than words can. Apple used this tactics when there was no electronic media around. Be it print media of then or today’s online ads, Apple always relied more on images than anything else.

What internet marketers can learn from this is the effective use of the infographics, images and videos in their campaigns.  These materials are far more effective and by far more viral compared to simple texts.

 Inject Innovation in the Blood

Jobs once commented, “Being the richest man in the cemetery doesn’t matter to me. Going to bed at night saying we’ve done something wonderful, that’s what matters to me.” Innovation is what he did all life, innovation is what he lived for and innovation is something he always tried his colleagues to infuse with.

Developing innovative approach in your SEO approach will never hurt you. In fact, in every possibility, it will benefit you. Try new techniques and see what happens. Research will give you data which none else has. Innovative content will give you dedicated readership. No spammy link building, no link exchange games, in fact, nothing which are being commonplace. When copied approaches can’t help you, innovation is something which will rescue you.

 Life is Short

 When Jobs succumbed to cancer he was only 56.He was always worried of this fate and that is why he always wanted to do something great really quickly. And he did that. In a real short time, he foresaw the future and designed gadgets which no other company could think of. You can take a leaf out of this habit and achieve great things really quickly. Only then you can be recognized as a industry leader and not a mere follower.

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