SEO Strategies You Should Have Stopped Using After Panda and Penguin

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The internet search giant’s Panda and Penguin, which were updated to Google algorithm were not the first weapon used against very aggressive SEO strategy, but they play an important role.

With the introduction of Panda and Penguin, most of the methods earlier used by site owners to make sure the top rankings for major search terms have not only become waste, but could be harmful for high positioning of the website in search results of Google.

If you are a site owner and your site has been dumped by Panda and Penguin, then here are some On-site strategies that you should stop using to be back in the search engine at high ranking.

1. Keyword Stuffing in content:

Excess use of major keyword related to your site domain in body text, meta descriptions and title tags can affect your site ranking any time.

2. Empty or less content landing pages:

Having a landing page with no or less content just to position for a small difference in your keyword phrase is not good. These kinds of pages are flagged up by Google Panda leading your website’s ranking down. So, avoiding them is a better option.

3. Internal link storms:

You should delete lots of extra links on single pages targeting to your landing pages with the anchor text that you expect to rank for as Google is now manipulating such practices. Google algorithms will only pass first instance of a specific link on any page so there is no need for other links. Delete them otherwise they will be counted as double.

4. Footer links:

Big footers with lots of links to the best pages of site is of no use at all. So, make sure your site footer links work as a support for direction-finding only.

5. Poor quality content:   

If you have a poor quality on your website, then just remember that Google can identify it easily. Make sure to replace it with unique content for better ranking performance.

6. Spamming title tags:

If you are using lots of keywords in your title tags for high ranking, then you should stop doing this any further. Google spams such title tag. Focus on the good title tag that can get clicks instead of rank for various terms.

7. Have a different page for each keyword:

If your category pages have links to landing pages for every different keyword phrase, Google will fine a slap to you sometime soon. You can have varied pages for each keyword and also, search engines will definitely appreciate that way.

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