5 Deadly Mistakes Mobile App Developers Should Avoid

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In this techno savvy world, Mobile Phone has become a valuable asset that is a dominant user platform for the digital world. It is not just the present situation, but it will continue to rule in the coming time also. We live in the digital world that has successfully traveled from the computer system to laptops to smartphones. Mobile is the future, and there is no such other thing for communication in the entire world.

The most amazing associated element is a bulk of outstanding Mobile Applications. From booking tickets online to check the remaining balance of your account, an individual can use Mobile app for other different purposes. With the constant flowing wave, various businesses also adopt this outstanding asset for their successful business growth.

But before you get your application developed, you should be aware of some of the common mistakes that your developers are prone to make. Listed below are five deadly mistakes that app developers should avoid to make.


Avoiding the User Experience

As the mobile app is meant for a convenient user experience, you must focus towards your (UI) interface of the mobile app. So, keeping your end users in mind throughout the development process is essential. Taking feedback from your end users before going live is also equally important.

Absence of solid Analytics

Being a mobile app developer, you need a useful tracking tool. Developing an app without a proper tracking is impossible. What are the metrics you measure with the following devices?

  • User Engagement
  • Active users
  • Retention rate
  • Average time people spent on the app
  • App Crashes

You could use powerful tools like Google Analytics and Flurry for measuring your performance on these various parameters.

Building on Multiple Platforms at once

Building an app compatible with multiple platforms at once can create a significant havoc in the development zone. At an initial level, you should focus and keep an eye on the mobile, wait for its feedback or reviews and then proceed towards other platforms.

Adding Multiple Features in one app

Having a multifaceted usage is essential. Don’t aim to infuse different features into one app. Move forward step by step to get more reliable customers. For example- if you develop an app intended to get best deals and offers on e-commerce platforms, then avoid adding the additional shopping feature. Try to focus your thoughts on the sales and offers only, don’t march forward for shopping option.

Avoiding the Monetization Factor

Monetization Factor is one of the most important variables of a mobile app development process. Ensure that your app has two expensive versions – premium and free. Therefore, decide your entire budget and other crucial considerations into account, then move forward to build an advanced mobile app.

Abovementioned were some of the deadly mistake mobile app developers should avoid. Don’t let your business suffer due to these blunders in mobile app development. For any information related to App optimization, contact us!

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