5 Ways to Recover from Google Penguin Update

In Google Update

Google updates are kept a secret and these algorithm changes are usually not disclosed before they happen. Post the updates many websites get affected as their rankings and traffic drop drastically. If you ever suffered due to a Google update read the below mentioned recommendations that will help to recover your website from the Penguin penalty.


1) Remove Paid links:

If your website displays the paid links from different blogs and network sites along with your targeted anchor text, then it is apparent that you are manipulating search engines. This is strictly against the Google TOS (term of service). You need to act fast and clean all the paid links for your website.


2) Blog Commenting and Forum Posting:

If you are acquiring links with exact match anchor texts from blog comments and forum posting beware. Google easily tracks these links and starts devaluating them. And instead of improving your website’s rank will plunge. You can replace your signature or comments to make it look natural.


3) Links from Low Networking Sites:

Getting links from low-networking sites is also considered spam. You need to remove these links as soon as possible. This exercise will help your website get back its ranking.


4) Getting links form Low Quality Sites:

Previously many webmasters acquired a lot of sites primarily for obtaining back links for their websites. They were using these links for three-way link building process. It now is the time to remove all these links.


4) Reconsideration Request:

Once you fix everything falling under the Google Penguin update, you need to send re-consideration request to the search engine giant with all the required details. Make sure to use the word Penguin in your re-consideration request.

To sum it up:

  • Remove links obtained from low quality sites
  • Edit the link title where you used exact anchor text from high quality sites
  • Update your blog regularly
  • Get back links from high quality sites and make your anchor texts natural


If you website hit by Google Penguin update then send your query now and we will provide you Google Penguin Recovery Services!!!

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