8 Top Reasons Why Your SEO Agency Is Failing To Deliver

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Every now and then a new SEO firm is born in some corner of the world and as fast as they pop-up, the bad ones shut down with the same speed. In this article, we’ll explain the reasons behind why SEO firms fail to deliver. Before we get started on knowing the reasons, it is important to understand that offering SEO services is a very easy market to enter.

Top Reasons of SEO Fails

SEOs greatly focus on websites, not “web pages”

To be clear, Google ranks web pages and not websites. We constantly see SEO agencies focusing on ranking websites. There efforts to rank web pages are not focused around their target- which should have been ranking web pages and landing pages. You can test this out by typing in any search query in the search bar. You will find that it is not the company’s home page that “always” ranks first, but it is any of their landing pages , blog pages or anything else entirely.

2. They “Build” links and not “Earn” them

Link activities is mostly related to spamming websites these days. What the difference between a good SEO and a bad SEO is that good SEO concentrate their energy on creating quality content so that other websites choose to link to it but for the bad SEO practices it is mostly related to spamming activities.

3. Targeting too many unrelated keywords

The SEO companies most of the times run behind stuffing keywords in their content so that their website’s page ranks on top, but what they don’t understand is that they are confusing the hell out of Google by targeting 5-10 different ones. They should be targeting 1-3 key phrases and they should be related to each other in some way or the other.

4. Too much focus on technical part

Scenarios have changed from the past days when SEO used to be 80% technical and 20% content strategy. Now, SEO is other way around where you need to create Awesome content and optimize it and hence it has become 80% content strategy and 20% technical. Technical is always required to optimize the on-page code but content strategy is the new SEO.

5. SEO is also about team-work

One of the most valuable things good SEO companies do is brainstorm internally. It is said that two heads are better than one. Meeting frequently about your client and letting the ideas flow from the team members to discuss the content strategy can improve their SEO performance manifolds.

6. Everything is not relatable to Money

Offering free SEO audits to your clients is the way to go to make your clients remember you and your services. It’s like people take their cars to a mechanic but they still have to pay for the getting the estimate and diagnoses of the problem. SEO firms can generally embed a free SEO tool to their website using MySiteAuditor.com, this will help in generating way more SEO leads and SEO sales.

7. Focus on getting revenue to the client

One of the leaders in the SEO industry is Neil Patel, he says that “ Most of the companies focus their energy wrong. All they focus on is rankings, not revenue”. Neil could care less about his client’s website. But he has a bigger picture in his mind and that is about focusing on the client’s bottom line- revenue. He cares more about making money for his clients. That drives him towards providing better SEO services.

8. What it should be- Content quantity or content quality?

SEO agencies focus their energy in telling the client that they’ll provide as much content to the client as possible. They do not care how boring or awesome the content is. All these SEO agencies do is tell the client that they’ll write a particular “amount” of content for their website and optimize it without caring for the fact about the quality or good content being produced or not.

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