A Comprehensive Guide To Understanding An SEO Reseller

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SEO reseller programs are becoming popular in a sense when marketing agencies want to tie-up together to handle projects that are way beyond their own capacity or one big agency is overloaded with too many projects to handle at once so it may want to outsource the project on behalf of its clients to its vendors.

What it means is that the agency in direct contact with the client is still the go-to marketing agency, but behind the scenes the project can be handled by the trusted vendor SEO provider of the marketing agency. The marketing agency gets two benefits from this:

  • The job is still met with the manpower that was short for it to handle and so the project was outsourced to the vendor.
  • The agency gets the credit or to put the logo at front to the client and not the vendor.

Why Resell SEO?

After all, if you didn’t have the capacity to handle the project you could have always said NO to the client that you cannot handle the project, right? Well yes, you can do that but there are some benefits of SEO reseller that you might be overlooking:


#1.Your Client stays put: you always have an option to tell your client that you cannot handle their project and you can offer some other services other than SEO, but what happens next? The client who requires only SEO services, will start searching in the market for companies that offer it. But what might happen is that there’ll be companies that offer the same services(your competition) with lower cost. You don’t want your clients to be leaving you and choosing your competitor’s services. You should retain your client at all costs.


#2. If your client earns so you earn: As someone has rightly said that SEO should focus on revenue generation for their client and not on rankings. If the client achieves his target in getting more traffic to their website and that too is quality traffic, it means more conversions for client. If this is the case then seeing his/her business grow- the client may up his marketing budget with you.

#3. Be your client’s all stop shop solution for marketing: If you want your clients to think highly of you then it is really a bad idea to say to them that you cannot provide SEO services. All you have to do is resell your SEO services and your client never has to know the behind the scenes working agency and you get all the credit for the work done.


#4. Make More Money: Well by reselling your SEO services you can always think about not only getting the credit of doing all the SEO service but can also make some middleman’s commision. If you’re providing more services to your client then you make more money. It’s a win-win situation for you.

How to Resell SEO Services?

Before starting to give in the SEO services to your client via the reseller channel, you should know that highly pricing your SEO services is not the way to go. This is because most of the local SEO clients are such that they require low cost solutions and most of the SEO clients will be such and also you don’t want to mess up in the market by highly pricing your services as compared to the services offered by your competitors.


The SEO reseller business is all about quality fulfillment. You’ll need to:

  • Find Someone you can trust: Ideally you should think of partnering with someone who has been doing this for many years and has good reviews online and offline in the market. They will be working on your client’s site essentially so anything that goes wrong then you’ll be in trouble. Even if they have made a mistake, how do they handle it, will they leave you in the middle of nowhere? Find out.


  • Find someone who can deliver within timeline: there job is to stick to the timeline they just discussed with you and hence deliver the work accordingly. It will give you a respectable impression from the client and you need to earn it by finding the right partner and keeping a tab on their work.
  • Result: Sell only if you think it works. Sell according to your quality standards as you know, you have been delivering to your clients over all these years. When it comes to the payment stage for your client, you should know what you are going to deliver to them in return of their money spent.
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