Five Quick Tips To Minimize Your Website’s Bounce Rate

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High bounce rate means there is something that needs to be fixed, and there is a requirement of taking action for making the bounce rate low, given below are five techniques that help in reducing the website bounce rate.

Pay attention on attracting the right audience

For attracting the right audience to the website, keyword optimization is the most important thing so a website owner should pay attention to it. The website should contain the content that is interesting for the visitors looking for it, and it should also be relevant otherwise the visitors close the website without purchasing.

A great example is that if a businessman is offering birthday supplies, then the optimization should work towards supplies related keywords. He/she should not optimize for the birthday cakes unless he/she is not offering it since it will waste the time of the internet users and it also doesn’t give any benefit to the website owner; it only makes the bounce rate high.

There is a need to look at the keywords and make some changes if the bounce rate of the homepage or any other page of the website is high.


Placement of Ads

Website owners should keep the importance of placement of ads in mind. Unwisely placed ads could be annoying for the visitors at places where a website visitor may want to click. So if a website intends to place ads, it needs to ensure that the ads do not cause any disruption to the website visitor.

In many cases, the website visitors close the website if the ad pops over the content while the visitor is reading or on the item that he/she is checking for the purchase. That is certainly a loss for the business owner. One should focus on selecting the right place for the ad placement, and it should not be on the menu bar, search box or the center of the page.


Turn off autoplay

A robotic voice or any song that starts when any website opens is annoying for most of the internet users, so the website owner should turn off the auto-play for avoiding the high bounce rate. Auto-play is one of the most annoying things when a person has more than five tabs opened and he/she has no idea from which the voice is coming, looking on all tabs for knowing on which the video is on makes the visitor angry, and he/she closes the website.

Be Mobile Friendly

Website optimized for use on mobile

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As time is passing, the percentage of the mobile Internet users is increasing so there is a need for optimizing the websites for mobile otherwise the website owner will get no or little benefits from the website. There are already a large number of websites, and the websites that are difficult to navigate on the mobile are not frequently visited by the internet users. So as to get the maximum advantage and online exposure, the website owners should keep mobile-centric designs in mind when developing or updating their websites.


Focus on good design

In all cases, the design of a website affects the bounce rate because the website visitors most often judge it by their design. So, it is important to focus on its design when in the development process. Design influences the individual’s perception of a website’s credibility and a website with bad design will lose the visitors due to its appearance that it not trustworthy. The good and neat design of the website attracts the visitors because it makes them take it seriously. One should focus on the colors used in the design and make sure that the font used is readable otherwise the bounce rate will be high. Websites with higher aesthetic value will attract a larger audience base and hence will help in reducing the bounce rates.

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